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Thinking of switching? How to migrate WhatsApp data from iOS to Samsung devices

Thinking of switching? How to migrate WhatsApp data from iOS to Samsung devices

Switching to a new smartphone means a fresh start. For the most part, it is exciting—but to switch or to upgrade to a new device can be a bit of work. This usually involves the process of transferring files and messages.

For the first time on any Android device, WhatsApp Transfer can now securely transfer app chat history, including photos and other media, from an iPhone to a Samsung device. The feature also migrates the user’s account information, profile photo, individual chats, group chats, and settings, excluding call histories or display name.

Previously, transferring chat history from iOS to Samsung Android was impossible even if they were backed up in WhatsApp’s cloud feature. Chats on iPhones were backed up in iCloud, while those in Android smartphones including Samsung were stored in Google Drive.

iOS users switching to a Galaxy smartphone must use WhatsApp Transfer during the initial setup. Simply connect the Android device to the iPhone via a USB-C to Lightning cable and follow the prompt on Samsung Smart Switch.

A QR code will be displayed on the Samsung device, which must be scanned using the iPhone camera. Customers must then tap Start, wait for the process to complete, and finish setting up their Android smartphone. When they log in on WhatsApp using the same number, the chats would appear, and they can pick up their conversations right where they left off.

Users may still access their WhatsApp chat histories on their iOS device unless they manually delete them or uninstall the app.

The new Samsung device must have WhatsApp Android version or newer, while the iPhone needs to have WhatsApp iOS version or newer.

Samsung’s Smart Switch app version or newer must also be installed on the new device. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G come installed with the app’s latest version.


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