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TCS Success: Purpose-led Innovations Driven by Commitment to People and Community

TCS Success: Purpose-led Innovations Driven by Commitment to People and Community

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, has been operating in the Philippines for more than 13 years. Throughout these years, TCS remained committed in helping its  clients realize their vision, create new opportunities and build a better future for the community.

TCS draws inspiration to deliver more accomplishments from the many success stories with their partners. Today, TCS celebrates its triumphs  with its people, whose dedication and hard work contributed to the company’s success and most especially to benefit the community. The company currently has almost 500,000 of the world’s best-trained consultants in 46 countries, including the Philippines. They all contribute to making TCS’ purpose-led innovations a reality as they equally enrich themselves in the process.

Paul Mascarinas, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) head at TCS Philippines,  noted TCS’ commitment to enabling clients to realize their goals is reflected as early as in the relationship-building efforts “We start by making sure we understand the client’s objectives. In line with the company’s Building on Belief philosophy, when we deal with customers, we bring everything available to us to make each project successful. We are able to fuel the transformation of customers’ businesses by drawing upon the expertise of our staff, who have both the contextual knowledge and necessary skills to deliver customized solutions. Most importantly, we value the relationships made with every customer and we plan to partner with each one for the long haul,” Paul said.

Paul, who started as a delivery leader for a mortgage process and now heads the entire BFSI vertical in TCS Philippines for both IT and Cognitive Business Operations (CBO) services,

said TCS creates a positive impact not only on clients but on many Filipinos as well. “Driving growth, whether through ramp-ups on existing businesses or by winning new logos, essentially means helping Filipinos find more employment opportunities, which in turn leads to a better quality of life for many. When we perform well in terms of operations and delivery and get commended by our customers, we don’t only bring pride and joy to TCS, we also help build a stronger brand for the Filipinos with these customers across the world,” he said.

Romer Sto. Domingo, Director – Sales and Customer Relations in TCS Philippines, has likewise witnessed how improvements in customers’ overall performance through TCS’ world-class solutions cascade to end-users. He said that every unique and successful project rolled out by the company helps build a win-win relationship between the client and its consumers. Romer notes that challenges are inevitable but solutions are constantly evolving to deliver better outcomes because sustained efforts are imperative to drive business continuity and growth.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Romer is considered a veteran in the industry. As a TCSer, he places a high value in building trust and maintaining a win-win relationship with his clients. “I have been able to establish strong long-term relationships with our clients by keeping our promises on time and on budget. We are able to secure client trust by being transparent with them on all issues. This close collaboration helps them achieve their goals and engage the community at the same time,” he said.

A company with a heart

Catherine Veluz-Zeta, who has been with the company since 2013 and currently heads the Partners and Alliances Group that collaborates with partners to promote TCS Philippines as one of the country’s top service providers, points out being part of the company is also a purposeful experience. “TCS Philippines goes beyond the typical IT service provider. It also aims to help make a meaningful difference in the community it operates in,” Catherine shared.

She highlighted TCS’ commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility programs, “I have witnessed the efforts of TCS Philippines to support local communities during the pandemic.  We extended help to Caritas Manila and Ospital ng Makati. Fostering the ‘One TATA’ philosophy, TCS Philippines also conducted a donation drive where 1,300 employees  pledged a portion of their salaries.”

Catherine said TCS also extends aid to nonprofit organizations that share its advocacy to provide social assistance to vulnerable communities in this time of crisis.

“There’s fulfillment in being a TCS employee and being part of an organization that makes an effort to build a better future by constantly creating amazing things with technologies and solutions that are accessible to everybody and also helping the community thrive,” she added.

An enabler of manpower growth

Catherine acknowledges how TCS has played a key role in her own growth both professionally and personally.

 “Having to perform multiple roles in my almost 9-year stint with TCS meant being passionate about delivering only the highest standard of  quality and upholding integrity in what I do. These core values have helped me grow as a person and a professional, which in turn enabled me to succeed in the company,” she said.

TCS inspires its employees to achieve excellence in all that they do, Catherine shared. “By expecting only the best from its people, TCS motivates me to set bold targets for myself and pursue them knowing my strengths and capabilities. TCS has influenced me to extend the pride of working for one of the top IT companies in the world to my day-to-day life by committing to my goals 100 percent each time.”

Having been with the company for more than nine years now, Romer said he has experienced significant growth from all the learnings and exposure he got from TCS. “More than being able to work with many top-level  clients and receiving awards, TCS has given me the opportunity to grow as a person with purpose. Every solution that I provide to my clients is an answer that can address the needs of many,” Romer shared.

Paul added, “We are pushed to challenge the status quo and find better ways of doing things. As I continue to climb the career ladder, I not only build on my knowledge, experience and skill sets but also create opportunities to assist our clients and influence the community.”

As a global leader recognized as a Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute and one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia by HR Asia, TCS Philippines remains committed to producing competent individuals and living up to its promise of delivering best-in-class employee experience.

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