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Tala Celebrates 6 Years in PH of Empowering Filipinos Through Responsible Lending

Tala Celebrates 6 Years in PH of Empowering Filipinos Through Responsible Lending

Tala, the world’s leading digital lender for the unbanked, today celebrates its 6th year anniversary in the Philippines. Over the past six years in the Philippines, the company has served millions of Filipinos, allowing them to gain access to much needed credit and improving their lives.

“At Tala, we strongly believe that financial inclusion is vital for both economic growth and individual prosperity. We take pride in our contribution to the Filipino economy and globally as well,” said Iona Iñigo-Mayo, Senior Director for Global Customer Experience at Tala. “As we celebrate our 6th anniversary in the Philippines, we reiterate our commitment to serving the financial needs of Filipinos and promoting financial literacy.”

Commitment to Empowering Individuals Through Responsible Lending

Financial inclusion extends beyond access to money. Tala’s commitment to empowering individuals, from its app’s product design and customer support to leveraging responsible lending practices, raises industry standards and sets a precedent for the true meaning of financial inclusion.

Tala’s unique way of assessing a person’s ability to repay a loan by analyzing non-traditional data, such as on-time payments, community involvement, and strong social networks, provides a much clearer profile of a person’s financial situation.

One Tala customer affected by the coronavirus pandemic shares how Tala has helped her with her financial crisis, “During the pandemic I went through a lot of financial crises, but Tala is very reliable until now. It is very easy to apply as long as you are a good payer.”

As Tala celebrates its 6th year in the Philippines, the company remains steadfast in its mission to provide the resources to allow individuals to bridge the financial gaps that often exclude the unbanked and underserved sectors of society.

Enhancing Customer Financial Well-Being through Partnerships

Over the past six years, Tala has acquired over two million customers in the Philippines, demonstrating its commitment in so many ways, expanding offerings to Filipinos and fostering financial literacy through mission-aligned partnerships.

Customers’ trust in Tala has led the company to continue to improve and provide features that matter most to them through a cutting-edge digital wallet that allows customers to pay bills and safely store their money digitally. The Tala Wallet enhances convenience and accessibility for customers. With secure fund management, seamless transactions, and easy tracking, Tala equips users with the latest technology for a streamlined experience.

Tala’s dedication in helping increase financial literacy in the Philippines is demonstrated in a collaboration with financial journalist Salve Duplito that aims to promote financial literacy for Filipinos. This partnership provides comprehensive resources and expert insights to help individuals make informed financial decisions and achieve long-term stability. Together, they aim to equip Filipinos with the necessary tools and education to navigate the complexities of personal finance successfully. Follow the official page of Tala for updates: https://www.facebook.com/talaphilippines/   

Growing Customer Base and Increasing Satisfaction

Tala’s efforts of financial empowerment and literacy can be shown through a third-party impact report highlighting the positive influence the company has had on individuals globally, showcasing significant improvements in managing finances reported by Tala’s customers. In the Philippines, 99% of Tala borrowers say they trust Tala with their information.

On a global scale, Tala has achieved a remarkable milestone, serving over eight million customers and reaching over $200 million in transactions monthly. With its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach, Tala continues to enable individuals and uplift communities, making a positive difference in the lives of millions.

Experiencing rapid growth, the Tala Wallet has also achieved an incredible milestone, acquiring one million users in just four months since its launch in the Philippines. This achievement reflects the strong demand for and trust in Tala’s offerings.

“We are passionate about helping Filipinos achieve their financial goals. We believe that everyone deserves access to fair and affordable credit, and we are not stopping here. We remain committed to providing our customers with the tools and resources they need to grow in their financial future for years to come,” Inigo-Mayo added.

As a way of celebrating the occasion with customers, Tala will soon be launching an anniversary event that will feature a raffle, a financial literacy workshop, a cash back for paying bills on Tala, a new feature that will enable mobile top ups, and a referral bonus system. Users can look forward to these goodies this year on the Tala app.


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