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Sun Life Greap Rewards VUL clients with a loyalty bonus

Sun Life Greap Rewards VUL clients with a loyalty bonus

Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), one of the major insurers in the country, recently awarded loyalty bonuses to its clients with Variable Unit-Linked (VUL) policies which remained active for the past 10 years. This is the first year Sun Life Grepa gave a loyalty bonus since it started offering VUL in 2012.  

As of May 2022, PHP 6.4M worth of loyalty bonuses have been credited to qualified policyholders. In addition, Sun Life Grepa projects that there are more than 1,200 policies that will receive the loyalty bonus in 2022 alone.  

“The key to Financial Security is to be protected earlier and to have a long-term investment horizon.   And our VUL products enable the client to do that by getting their Insurance protection according to their needs and budget even at a young age while giving also the opportunity to make their money grow over time with the inherent investment component embedded into it,”  said Sun Life Grepa President Richard S. Lim. “For Sun Life Grepa, the purpose of giving loyalty bonuses to our VUL policyholders is to encourage and motivate them to keep their policies active so they can remain on track with their financial goals. It also exemplifies our strengthened commitment to our policyholders for making us their financial partner in the last 10 years.”  

Sun Life Grepa offers VUL products that meet the clients’ financial needs for every important stage in their lives to fulfill their life goals. These are Sun Grepa Power Builder 1, 5, 10 and 100, and Sun Grepa Power Builder Dollar 1.   

For more information, visit www.sunlifegrepa.com, contact your Sun Life Grepa Financial Advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa branch or email [email protected].  

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