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Streamtech is Stepping Up Its Game this 2021

Streamtech is Stepping Up Its Game this 2021

It was previously announced that Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet, introduced major improvements this 3rd quarter of 2021. These include technical capacity upgrade, customer online portals, loyalty and retention programs, wireless internet services, improved deals for SMEs and enterprises, and microbusiness, and its Viber SuperBot chat support.

What are these major developments all about?

Streamtech upgraded its fiber optic networks so that its existing and future subscribers will experience better connection. Its physical infrastructure was enhanced to always work in an optimal condition. This means that users can now enjoy faster loading of web pages, lesser buffering for videos, and a more consistent bandwidth during peak hours.

Similarly, the company introduced an all-in-one customer portal for safer and more hassle-free transactions. It has various features that are indeed useful to existing customers. By registering to such portal, customers can now make online payments, view and access billing history, and view their subscription details wherever they are and whenever they need to.

Likewise, Streamtech is giving special offers to its loyal customers via its loyalty and retention programs. Basically, it is giving a free speed boost, starting from an additional 5 Mbps on top of the original plan. The company is also starting to roll-out Streamtech Air, its wireless internet service.

In terms of its improved plans for enterprises, from small and medium to big businesses, Streamtech Biz provides the highest level of service for IT parks, hotels, manufacturing firms, government offices, and others. This stems from its multiple fiber redundancies and improved technical capacity. It also offers two options, Direct Internet Access (DIA) and Shared Internet Access (SIA) that come with a strong technical support team available 24×7. On the other hand, Streamtech Negosyo for microbusinesses offers plans that are similar to those for residential subscribers, so that these microenterprises can avail of high-speed and unlimited internet plans at very affordable prices.

Lastly, SAM, short for Support and Assistance Mate, is Streamtech’s Viber chat support that has readily-available answers to customers’ questions. Personified by a cute, purple robot mascot, SAM will assist subscribers on all their needs and concerns related to Streamtech. And the amazing thing about this is that a customer can access it anytime, anywhere.

What are the perks of these advancements?

Depending on your specific online needs, the general benefit that you’ll gain from the aforesaid improvements is upgraded internet connectivity. Since most of our daily activities are now online, an improved internet service is an advantage. It is one such key to do things effectively, whether for online classes, work from home, online banking and shopping, gaming and streaming, and many more!

And the other benefit that these upgrades offer is savings in time, effort, and money. Imagine if there’s no SAM or Online Customer Portal. You might have to physically visit a branch just to settle your bills or other concerns—which is relatively more unsafe during this pandemic, as well as potentially more costly and time-consuming.

So, if you’re looking for an internet provider of reliable, high-speed, and unlimited internet that also goes the extra mile in upgrading its services so that you can #ExceedLimits, subscribe to Streamtech now!

You may check if your area is serviceable here. Visit the Streamtech website or its Official Facebook Page for concerns or more details.

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