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Starmobile supports next-generation of Filipino tech innovators

Starmobile supports next-generation of Filipino tech innovators

Starmobile partnered with Smart Communications, Inc. for its Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP), an annual competition for students to identify consumer pain points and design working technology solutions.

In line with its vision to make technology inclusive for everyone, Starmobile recognized the potential of these student projects in improving the Filipino consumer experience. The winning teams received 4 Starmobile phones each: PLAY Lite for 1st place, PLAY Max for 2nd place, and PLAY Plus for 3rd place.

First place winner is Team Eryl of University of San Carlos, creator of a mobile platform that allows students to join online classes or organize one.

Taking the second spot is Team Sportify which devised a web and mobile app that links sports enthusiasts with each other to schedule games.

The third place went to Team Salvar for its app which permits users to book appointments with mental healthcare professionals.

Learn more about Starmobile by following its official website starmobile.ph or Facebook page facebook.com/starmobilephones.


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