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StackTrek with DICT Launches Code Your Future Conference: From Zero Experience to Successful Tech Professionals

StackTrek with DICT Launches Code Your Future Conference: From Zero Experience to Successful Tech Professionals

Be part of the biggest conference that will transform thousands of Filipinos from zero experience to successful tech professionals on June 29, 2022.

With the theme, “From Zero Experience to Successful Tech Professionals”, the Code Your Future Conference in partnership with the  Department of Information and Communications Technology, aims to bring opportunities to every Filipino as they take their first steps to become a successful tech professional despite having zero professional experience or even zero coding background.


Information Technology (IT) is the highest paid profession in the country today as published in Jobstreet’s 2022 Salary Report.

With an increasing global demand for tech talents without the strict requirement for an IT degree, today is a great time to jumpstart a career, especially as a programmer.

Code Your Future creates the pathway to achieve this career transformation. With this, the conference highlights IT career trends, a 40-minute coding workshop plus access to training and programs offered by partners. Furthermore, panel discussions with recruiters and successful career shifters will be hosted to answer burning questions from new IT job seekers.

More than just a learning session, the conference celebrates Filipinos starting their coding career with raffle prizes given away throughout the day.


One of the key highlights of the conference is the unprecedented largest live coding workshop in the Philippines happening at the same time with participants from any part of the country. It’s the ideal venue for beginners with no coding background. The only workshop requirement is a web browser. At the end of the 40-minute workshop, participants get a preview of the core skills in action for every professional programmer.


Code Your Future is the biggest initiative yet dedicated to transforming the lives of Filipinos through tech job opportunities at scale. “You don’t need to be interested in coding. You just need to be interested in getting a good life”, said Billy Yuen, Founder of StackTrek. To highlight the impact, Undersecretary Arnold “Ali” Atienza added, “Through this, we will be able to fulfill the initiatives of the government- improving the quality of lives of our fellow Filipinos- while also addressing the global shortage for tech talent.”


Sign up before May 30 to get an exclusive invitation for Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp transforming you to become a job-ready programmer before Christmas 2022. No prior coding knowledge is required.


Whether you have zero experience or even coding knowledge but are interested to get a better life by pursuing an IT career, now is the time to take your first step. Sign up now at https://bit.ly/codeyourfutureconference to reserve your slot.

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