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Sony’s digital camera ZV-1 now in white color variation

Sony’s digital camera ZV-1 now in white color variation

Sony Electronics announced its popular Digital Camera ZV-1 will now be available in white, which also comes with a matching wind screen. This new model has a coloring that blends naturally into various scenes in daily life. A highly demanded color, it allows users to enjoy shooting casual videos with a body color of their choice which matches their personality or preference. Shoot casual videos in style with the new ZV-1 in white to go with your OOTD and to put a twist to your monochromatic style. Sony will continue to strive towards providing further offerings for capturing casual and everyday moments.

The ZV-1 is a lightweight, compact “all-in-one” style solution for individuals who love to shoot casual photos and videos. It combines easy-to-use features such as the Bokeh Switch or Product Showcase Setting with uncompromising imaging technology, making this the perfect tool for capturing your daily social media update or for immortalizing your everyday moments into casual videos. Since its arrival in the Philippines, the camera has been well received by  users and is very well positioned for today’s increased in demand for live streaming and casual videos. 

The ZV-1 in white will be available in the Philippines soon. To find out more about how you can shoot awesome clips in an instant on the ZV-1, please click here.


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