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Skyworth unveils first transformable OLED TV and new SUE Eye-Care TV models at the Super TV Global Tour
Skyworth unveils first transformable OLED TV and new SUE Eye-Care TV models at the Super TV Global Tour

Skyworth unveils first transformable OLED TV and new SUE Eye-Care TV models at the Super TV Global Tour

Skyworth Philippines, a leading global television manufacturer and a pioneer in big-screen Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), hosted the third and final leg of the Super TV Global Tour with the theme “Transform your World.” The event includes a new product launch and a national tour showcasing their new “Super TVs” — industry-leading products with unique and cutting-edge technologies pioneering in Southeast Asia.

Welcome remarks by James Sun, General Manager of Skyworth Philippines

The event’s highlight features the unveiling of its SUE Eye-Care TV models which were developed by Skyworth itself, making it the industry’s first eye care Google TV.

With these Eye-Care TV features it assists the viewers in preventing long-term eye damage brought on by flickering monitors. According to a study, an eye-related syndrome includes a variety of visual and ocular symptoms. An estimated 50% of persons who use screens frequently do so due to an extended computer or television use. Skyworth is advocating this, indicating that you should watch without worrying that it would soon harm your vision. The TUV Rheinland Certification in Germany has approved these Eye Care TVs. This indicates that adjusting the dimming mode can lessen screen flashes and prevent the harm from invisible flashes whereas still protecting your health. Its features include night mode, eye-protection mode, auto-volume control mode, screen flash-free, and blue light.

Another spectacular sight to see is the launch of Skyworth’s first transformable OLED TV which enables free stretching and transformation of the entire screen from its flat to curved form. Depending on your preferred viewing distance, you can change the curvature angle from 3.5 meters to 1 meter.

Skyworth has also proudly announced its own QLED+ feature. After years of development, it was considered superior to QLED to do comprehensive calibration to increase quality. With the use of the most up-to-date composite materials, the QLED+’s overall structure is more durable and trustworthy, and the TV’s service life has increased to a certain extent. It can lower the rate of general quantum dot materials wearing out, improving stability and reliability. It ensures more than 107 million colors while paying attention to environmental conservation, raising the color gamut coverage rate by 47%. The color gamut value under the DCI-P3 standard reaches an astounding 93%, resulting in richer color performance. Moreover, OLED and MiniLED make Skyworth’s new product lineup more fascinating. The millions of pixels in its latest TV models display color expression more accurately and realistically.

There will be a National Tour for all the new Skyworth high-end TV models to showcase them for the first time to the Filipinos. It will be held this coming October to November at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Ansons The Link, All Home Taguig, Abenson Quezon Avenue and Munoz, and Imperial Showroom.

In addition to the new highlighted products and models, Skyworth has introduced other models such as the Coolita TV Series, the T2 and T4 Projector TVs, and the Sound 1 Soundbars. After more than ten years of market development in the Philippines, SKYWORTH has established a cross-channel distribution network throughout the country and is now equipped to dominate the online channels. It offers a two – year warranty by its 160+ service centers to ensure the customers’ true peace of mind.

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