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SCG Announces FY2022 Operating Results with Strategies to Address Challenges in the Energy, Economy and Environment

SCG Announces FY2022 Operating Results with Strategies to Address Challenges in the Energy, Economy and Environment

SCG announced operating results for FY2022 that demonstrated increased sales revenues with decreased profitability caused by dramatically increasing energy costs, inflation, China’s economic slowdown, and a petrochemical troughIn response, SCG accelerates the expansion of new businesses and prioritizes green products to fulfill the demands of megatrends to seize opportunities during economic recovery and sustain growthIts renewable energy business rose by 78 percent, green polymer sales exceeding 140,000 tons and expanding by 5 times, with energysaving solutions being positively received by the market with 40 percent growth, and fostering innovation for sustainable packagingLSP has recently been prepared to begin production to market in mid2023SCG ensures solid finances by tightly maintaining liquidity, cutting costs, and investing prudently in accordance with the strategy.

Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President and CEO of SCG, said, SCG’s operating results for FY2022 revenue was PHP 885,276 Million (US$ 16,244 Million), an increase of 7 percent. Profit for the Year was PHP 33,233 Million  (US$ 610 Million), down 55 percent due to the economic slowdown, petrochemical trough, and rising energy costsMeanwhile, in Q4/2022 Profit for the Period stood at PHP 248 Million (US$ 4 Million). All of these are the result of multiple crises stemming from the RussiaUkraine conflict, rapidly soaring coal and electricity prices, inflation, THB fluctuation, China’s economic slowdown, and the largest petrochemical trough in 20 years.


SCG, on the other hand, has closely monitored the situation and quickly adjusted to lessen its impact on the company as a whole by putting an emphasis on maintaining financial stability, cutting costs by utilizing renewable energy sources and digital technology in the production, and prudently strategizing its investment decisionsThe result was a healthy cash balance of PHP 147,653 Million (US$ 2,709 Million). In the meantime, recent challenges have also generated new business opportunities, particularly the demand for green products, which are a major global trend and are constantly growing, such as renewable energy, green polymer, energysaving solutions, and sustainable packagingIn 2022, SCG Green Choice sales went up by 34 percent or represented 51 percent of total sales, exceeding the growth targetAll SCG business units are ready to step forward to strengthen their businesses.

As the tourism and consumption sectors rebound in 2023, the Thai economy is expected to recover. At the same time, ASEAN markets improve with China’s reopeningAfter winter, coal prices are expected to declineInflation began to signal a slowdownSCG believes that the company will be able to overcome this crisis and adequately address new needs.

Thammasak Sethaudom, Executive Vice President of SCG, said, “Due to the crisis brought on by the drastically rising cost of coal and electricity, SCG has tapped into the renewable energy sector with a capacity of 234 megawatts in 2022, an increase of 78 percent yoy, with a smart grid network for industrial estates and industrial plant networks, hotels, and hospitalsSuch the project has recently been installed at the SahaUnion Group in Bangpakong, connecting renewable energy between 10 companies, cutting energy expenses by 30 percent and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3,670 tons of carbon dioxide annually”.

This business leverages SCG’s renewable energy expertise to mitigate the impact of growing energy costs caused by worldwide market fluctuations in energy pricesIn 2022, SCG boosted its proportion of alternative fuels from 26 percent to 34 percent yoy and its solar energy capacity from 130 megawatts to 194 megawatts yoyIn the meantime, SCG exceeded its target by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3 million tons of carbon dioxideAdditionally, it is developing carbon capture and utilization (CCUtechnology for cement production in Thailand and ASEAN to attain Net Zero 2050 in partnership with Nippon Steel Engineering and Thai Nippon Steel Engineering & Construction.

(Kras) Recycling Holding Volendam B.V 

SCGC continues to develop its innovative green polymer, ‘SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM,’ which has been well embraced by the global market, as indicated by the 5-fold increase in sales of 140,000 tons over the past yearIn addition, it has expanded into a fully integrated plastic recycling business by acquiring Kras Recycling Holding Volendam B.V. the Netherlands’ leading waste management company.

Long Son Petrochemicals Company Limited


Tanawong Areeratchakul, CEO and President of SCG Chemicals or SCGC, said “The acquisition will expand the business’s capability in the storage, sorting, and manufacturing of PostConsumer Recycled Resin (PCRfor the household and industrial sectorsSCGC GREEN POLYMERTM have been certified to international standards by a number of leading global organizations, including EuCertPlast from Europe which verifies that raw material sources for the production of PCR are actually from plastic waste, thereby reducing waste problems; and Recyclass for the development of film coating that improves recycling efficiency for plastic packaging, making SCGC the first in ASEAN to receive this certification”Simultaneously, Long Son Petrochemicals Company Limited (LSP), an integrated petrochemical complex in Vietnam, has progressed by more than 98 percent and is set to enter the market in the middle of this year.

SCG Air Scrubber 

SCG is accelerating its smart living business, particularly energysaving solutions, which are in high demand on the market in light of the rising cost of electricityMore than 40growth was observed in 2022Examples include the SCG Air Scrubber,” a global energysaving innovation for large buildings, convention centers, and shopping malls. The system is highly efficient with energy savings capability of 2030 percent.  It has been installed in seven large buildings, including the Terminal 21 Pattaya Branch and the Kloud by Kbank Siam Square.

As a result of the project’s positive reception, further investment projects will be implemented to expand the product line to suit a wider range of customer needsIn addition, SCG Builtin Solar Tile,” an innovative solar panel has been introduced for modern dwellings with design to fit flat with the roof and lower electricity costs by 60 percent.” shared Nithi Patarachoke, President of CementBuilding Materials Business of SCG

SCGP devises innovation development strategies, adds packaging solutions, and establishes an investment budget and research and development expenditures totaling USD 24 million for 2023 by developing innovative Nanocellulose fibers” made from agricultural waste used as raw materials in the production of packaging paper and foodservice packagingWichan Jitpukdee, Chief Executive Officer of SCG Packaging Public Company Limited or SCGP shared that SCGP is also ready to expand into the health and composite industries, as well as developing its tissue culture expertise into growing highvalue crops and herbsIn addition, it intends to transform waste materials from the production process into renewable energyThe company is in the process of developing Torrefaction Technology to increase the efficiency of Biomass utilization and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, further boosting its ESG operations.      

Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President and CEO of SCG, disclosed, The Company’s unaudited Operating Results for FY2022 registered the Revenue from Sales of PHP 885,276 Million (US$ 16,244 Million), an increase of 7 percent yoy, due to Packaging and Cement – Building Materials businessesProfit for the Year amounted to PHP 33,233 Million (US$ 610 Million), a drop of 55 percent yoy, primarily because of lower chemical’s spreads, higher energy costs and a decrease in the share of profits from associates.

Revenue from Sales totaled PHP 192,638 Million (US$ 3,359 Million), in Q4/22, a fall of 14 percent qoq primarily due to lower prices and sales volume for chemical products as market demand declinedProfit for the Period stood at PHP 248 Million (US$ 4 Million), down 94 percent  qoq because of lower chemicals spreads as well as higher coal and electricity cost.

SCG’s Revenue from Sales of High ValueAdded Products & Services (HVA) in 2022 was PHP 303,886 Million (US$ 5,576 Million), or 34 percent of total Revenue from SalesAdditionally, New Products Development (NPDand Service Solutions accounted for 17 percent and 6 percent of total Revenue from Sales, respectively.

SCG’s Revenue from operations outside of Thailand, including export sales from Thailand, registered PHP 400,808 Million (US$ 7,355 Million), in FY2022, or 45 percent of total Revenue from Sales, similar to the same period last year.

SCG in ASEAN (exThailand)

For SCGs operation in ASEAN (exThailand), the Revenue from Sales in Q4/2022 recorded a 15 percent decrease yoy, amounting to PHP 37,329 Million (US$ 651 Million), and 19 percent of SCGs total Revenue from Sales.This includes sales from both local operations in each ASEAN market and imports from the Thai operations.

As of December 31, 2022, the total assets of SCG amounted to PHP 1,464,443 Million (US$ 26,241 million), while the total assets of SCG in ASEAN (exThailandwere PHP 656,533 Million (US$ 11,764 million), 45 percent of SCGs total consolidated assets.

The company reported Q4/2022 Revenue from Sales at PHP 3,563 Million (US$ 93 Million), a 10 percent decrease yoy from Packaging (UPPCand Cement and Building Materials business (ceramics).

SCG Marketing Philippines Inc. continued its multifaceted approach with Hardware and MoreIt has extended its footprint to include SCG smart tools and assorted items for repairs, fixes, and home maintenanceLast year, two branches opened in Paranaque City and Bocaue Bulacan which significantly increased overall performanceAn expansion of the brand portfolio rolled out with over 6,000 SKUs to target customers’ needsThis year, SCG continues to deliver solutions, ecofriendly, and sustainably sourced products and services, in line with Circular Economy notions with plans for another branch in Batangas City.

United Pulp and Paper CoInc (UPPC)’s PM3 machine continues to improve production capacity and create innovative products to cater to overseas marketsRecently, UPPC launched CAS, a highstrength corrugating medium, to meet the highquality demands of export marketsAlso, UPPC extended sales of paper products to ASEAN counties such as Thailand and Indonesia, and products are making headways in African regions.

Roongrote concluded, This year, SCG continues to prioritize maintaining financial stability and liquidity with prudent strategic investments, tightening the purse strings, and reducing energy costsSimultaneously, it will accelerate business progress to satisfy new needs, invest in innovations, seize economic recovery opportunities, develop solutions to support global megatrends, and strengthen the business.

The regional market has begun to recover and is projected to expand furtherMoreover, SCG is prepared to assist in the strengthening of societyIt created jobs for 9,000 individuals impacted by the economic crisis in 2022 to provide them with income and lessen social inequality.

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