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Say goodbye with a sure smile to mouth sores with Rowagel

Say goodbye with a sure smile to mouth sores with Rowagel

Mouth sores are a type of oral ailment that affect many people regardless of who and how old they are, and where they are in their lives.[1] The most common type of mouth sore is the mouth ulcer or canker sore. It occurs more often in women, and in people with a family history of getting canker sores.[2] In the Philippines, it is better known as singaw, and there are many home remedies passed down from generation to generation on how to treat it.

Generally, mouth ulcers can be caused by many things[3]; it can occur because of physical abrasion such as accidental bites, chafing due to dental braces or injuries to the mouth, lack of vitamins especially B-12, zinc, folate and iron, stress, or bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

However, mouth sores are not limited to just singaw. A common misconception is that mouth sores are caused by fungal or bacterial infections, but more often than not, it is caused by viruses that infect the mouth area. Mouth sores such as cold sores are caused by a virus called herpes simplex, and its cousin, herpes zoster, causes chickenpox or shingles, which can also lead to mouth sore development[4]. Another virus, the coxsackievirus, is behind the contagious Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, which can trigger lesions to appear around the mouth apart from all over the body[5].

While most mouth sores go away within a few days, it can be very irritating to have and can even disrupt daily activities such as eating, drinking, or talking because of the pain. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back[6] – which are also more effective than the usual home remedies you got used to.

Avoid foods that can irritate your mouth[7]

Sometimes, what you eat can be the cause of the pain in your mouth. Food items that are high in acidic properties can cause irritation in your mouth, so try to avoid consuming foods that are high in acid content, such as citrus fruits or pineapple. Spicy foods can also trigger mouth sores, so lessen your intake of it to keep mouth sores from occurring.

Keep your immune system healthy[8]

Because mouth sores can be caused by a dip in your immune system, it is important to keep your immune system strong. Eat a well-balanced diet, make sure to consume food rich in iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, and zinc. Avoid smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, get enough rest and sleep, and do not forget to drink your vitamins as well.

Consult your dentist[9]

If you use orthodontic devices such as braces, retainers, or even dentures, poor fit or sharp edges can injure the inner lining of your mouth and cause singaw, which makes your mouth more prone to infection. If your mouth is irritated or chafed by your orthodontic device, consult with your dentist on what you can do to correct it. They might provide you with dental wax to cover any sharp edges or check if your device still fits you properly.

Use the right medication[10]

If all else fails, the right over-the-counter medication is sometimes the best solution. According to a study by the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Glycyrrhizinic acid, which comes from Glycyrrhiza glabra or Licorice root extract, is a component found in some topical anti-inflammatory medicines. It has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiprotozoal properties as well. Carbenoxolone, a derivative synthesized from Glycyrrhizinic acid, can be found in Rowagel, an FDA-approved topical oral anti-ulcer gel used in the treatment of mouth and lip sores.

Most topical oral medications are antifungal or antibacterial only in nature, but Rowagel is more than that thanks to its Carbenoxolone component and steroid-like chemical structure. It has rapid anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving activities, and can strengthen the soft tissues inside the mouth, which helps prevent injury. Best of all, it has antiviral properties that can stem viral infections and aid in the healing of painful, irritating mouth sores, which makes it worth every cent.

Rowagel topical oral anti-ulcer gel is distributed exclusively by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC) and is available in drugstores nationwide. The gel is for topical use only and for adults and children over 3 years old. To know more about Rowagel, head on to https://nmpc.com.ph/product/rowagel/.

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