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Save time, energy and up to 50 percent when you buy an LG TWINWash washing machine

Save time, energy and up to 50 percent when you buy an LG TWINWash washing machine

LG Electronics pioneered new territory when it introduced the game-changing TWINWash, a washing machine system that enables users to wash and spin two separate loads at the same time, the first in the main washer and the second in a space-saving mini washer underneath.

Separating your delicates from everyday clothes and having to wash them at different times is now a thing of the past. Taking convenience to a new level, the TWINWash allows you to save time and energy by cleaning double the amount of clothes simultaneously—the main washer can accommodate cottons and regular clothes while the mini washer is an ideal solution for specialized laundry items that require a gentler touch, such as active wear, baby’s clothes or lingerie.

You now get the chance to purchase this innovative product— and well-deserved convenience—at a discounted price. Every purchase of selected LG TWINWash models entitles you to special discounts of up to 20 percent on the main washer and 50 percent on the mini washer (washers sold separately) when buying both TWINWash solutions. Meanwhile, a 35 percent discount is offered if you buy the mini washer alone.

This promotion is valid until September 14, 2018, and is available at participating LG distributor stores nationwide. 

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