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Santé unveils Matteo Guidicelli as new brand ambassador to encourage healthier and more active lifestyle
Santé unveils Matteo Guidicelli as new brand ambassador to encourage healthier and more active lifestyle

Santé unveils Matteo Guidicelli as new brand ambassador to encourage healthier and more active lifestyle

Santé joyfully welcomes its newest celebrity fitspiration Matteo Guidicelli to its roster of brand ambassador alongside TV host and weatherman Kuya Kim Atienza. With a vast array of organic and wellness products and services, it will be an exciting year for the brand especially with the addition of Guidicelli to the Santé family.

The official launch was held at the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila in Pasig City together with Santé executives, dealers, distributors and media. Santé executives present at the launch are Chief Executive Officer Joey Marcelo; Sante Business Owner AJ Palmos; and Chief Product Officer Minette Carag.

Marcelo shared why they choose Matteo Guidicelli to be their ambassador: “Aside from being an actor, singer, and a triathlete, Matteo embodies healthy living. As a company, this is what we, at Santé, are passionate about. We are glad and excited to welcome Matteo to the Santé family and, we hope that he will serve as a true fitspiration for everyone.”

Gianmatteo Fernan Guidicelli better known as Matteo Guidicelli, is a Filipino-Italian actor, model, singer, member of the armed forces, businessman, and triathlete. He was first known and famous through his racing career, having started at an early age of 11 winning numerous awards including being a three-time winner of the Karter of the Year award. Because of his success, he knows how important it is for him to stay healthy so he could live more and do more things in life. He also expressed his excitement, especially that he has known Santé as a brand that promotes a healthier and more active lifestyle.

“Ever since I started joining triathlons, I have seen and raced along with the Santé Barley TriTeam, Kuya Kim, and Sir Joey. I also have always dreamed of being part of the Santé family,” added Matteo. “Santé, as a brand, also just talks about the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. It is very positive. And so, I am excited and honored to represent the brand.”

Kuya Kim, on the other hand, is also ecstatic about Matteo, joining him as a Santé ambassador. “I, personally, know Matteo and his family. When he gets into something, he’s really into it. He lives a healthy lifestyle and is a good person. He’s a good son and a good husband-to-be and, he’s highly principled. I am so honored to be doing this endeavor with him,” he said.

Santé Barley is made from organic pure barley grass, an effective antioxidant, rich with vitamins and minerals that not only detoxifies the body but also aids in digestive health. This product is also certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. The company also offers other products and services that improve the quality of life of people around the world since it was founded in 2007.

To know more about Santé, its product offerings, and other upcoming events, visit their official FB Page at www.facebook.com/pg/santeofficial.ph or their website at www.santebarley.com/ph.

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