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SAMSUNG PH celebrates its 20th year with Filipino families through their anniversary lineup

SAMSUNG PH celebrates its 20th year  with Filipino families through their anniversary lineup

Through the years, Samsung has catered to the evolving viewing habits of Filipino families, creating more ways of connecting with each other. The tech giant has continuously innovated its TVs for stronger family moments with its groundbreaking offerings that champion unparalleled picture quality, space-saving sleek design, and cutting-edge smart features, setting the bar for TV viewing.

To celebrate its 20th year of being an integral part of entertainment for Filipino families, Samsung introduces its special Anniversary Series. This further cements the brand’s commitment to redefine home entertainment and make every family bonding count.

See Nothing Else with the QLED TV 6 Series

Samsung’s flagship QLED TV will now be available in 6 Series, allowing more Filipino families to experience a world of a billion colors with 100% Color Volume. The Q High Dynamic Range (HDR) Elite, powered by HDR10+, upgrades visuals further by making shadows and silhouettes sharper. Families can enjoy their favourite shows in picture-perfect detail and cinematic clarity.

When not in use, the QLED TV transforms into a stylish piece that complements any home interior. In Ambient Mode, the screen elevates the living room by showcasing breathtaking landscapes, eye-catching designs, or precious family photos

Families can access a variety of programs with Smart Hub, a feature that pools multiple channels in a central panel. They can also access the TV and compatible devices with the One Remote Control for hassle-free moments.

Exceptional design and experience from the Premium Ultra High Definition (PUHD) TV The Premium UHD TV provides an immersive viewing experience for Filipino families through its Real 4K UHD Resolution and HDR Elite powered by HDR 10+ feature. This allows scenes to unfold in vibrant and crystal-clear quality. The PUHD TV extends the possibilities with its panoramic display, providing a new perspective on home entertainment.With a slim build and two-tone color finish, the PUHD TV boasts of sophisticated design. Bezel-less on three sides, the unit keeps all its cables intact and hidden at the back, ensuring boundless and uninterrupted viewing experiences. For a seamless viewing experience, the PUHD also has Smart Hub and One Remote Control.

Binge-watch easily with the Curved UHD TV

The Curved UHD TV takes everyone to the heart of exciting action. It reduces instances of eye strain and keeps image dimensions intact, providing a pleasing and immersive visual experience. Equipped with Real 4K Resolution and HDR, the Curved TV delivers vibrant colors in sharper detail.

With the SmartThings App, you can adjust your settings with just a few taps and swipes on your smartphone. You can also introduce unlimited content from your mobile device to the unit with ease; everyone can contribute to the lineup of shows and movies for TV night.

Enjoy how sound should sound using Samsung Soundbars

Samsung soundbars will also be up for grabs with Anniversary offers available until July 31. These products offer clear and immersive sound tailored to the different ways individual consumers set up and use their home entertainment systems, amplifying the experience further.The new HW-N650 produces panoramic surround sound with Samsung’s acoustic beam technology. This makes your entertainment come to life through the openings at the top of the soundbar, filling every corner of your room with a dynamic and rich sound that truly transforms your home. It features a Game Mode engineered to optimize the sound when playing. Lastly, it has a dedicated center speaker to deliver crystal clear dialogues.

Create a true surround sound experience with the HW-M450 and HW-M4501 through its multiple built-in speakers with dedicated amplifiers. It also has a wireless subwoofer to surround you with a richer and deeper bass. With its Surround Sound Expansion feature, the beats expand the listening area both sideways and up to emanate high quality sound.

Do not let the opportunity to create more powerful family moments with Samsung TVs pass! Head now to Samsung Authorized Dealers to avail special offers on the QLED TV 6 Series, the PUHD TV and Curved UHD TV, and select soundbars. Know more about this by visiting Samsung Electronics Philippines’ official Facebook page or samsung.com.ph.


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