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Samsung launches its First-Ever Window-Type Air Conditioner with a Digital Inverter

Samsung launches its First-Ever Window-Type Air Conditioner with a Digital Inverter

Families are expecting to use their air conditioners more as summer approaches, and this comes with worries about rising electricity costs. Samsung is offering a new way to cool down without adding a dent to bills with its first window-type air conditioner, which comes with a digital inverter for optimized cooling and a filter to keep homes clean.

The Samsung Window-Type Inverter saves up to 61% more energy than non-inverter units, so everyone can relax with the air conditioner on the whole day. Unlike fixed-speed compressors, this digital inverter technology regulates the speed of the compressor based on the level of room temperature. It keeps the room cool without sudden spikes in energy-usage.

Additionally, the air conditioner can make rooms cold 15% faster than non-inverter units. Through Fast Cooling, the unit operates with the fastest fan speed to reach the desired temperature in the shortest period of time. Once it is reached, the fan will slow down to maintain the coolness.

Another exciting feature is the air conditioner’s Anti-Bacterial Filter. Everyone can breathe clean air thanks to its Silver Ion, Vitamin C, and Anti-Mite Technology. These are proven effective in destroying bacteria, allergens, and other airborne contaminants. With an air conditioner that brings clean and cool air without consuming much energy, families and homeowners now have one less thing to think about.

The new Samsung air conditioner can now be purchased from authorized Samsung dealer stores. Visit samsung.com/ph/air-conditioners/window-inverter-ac/ to know more.

For more information, visit samsung.com/ph.


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