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Samsung Electronics named best brand in Asia for Seven Year in a row
Samsung Electronics named best brand in Asia for Seven Year in a row

Samsung Electronics named best brand in Asia for Seven Year in a row

Samsung Electronics has been named the best brand in Asia in 2018 for the seventh year in a row, according to results from ‘Asia’s Top 1000 Brands’ annual online survey conducted by Campaign Asia-Pacific in collaboration with Nielsen.

The ranking – which aggregates views from across 17 major product categories including automotive, retail, F&B and consumer electronics – is based on consumer insights and offers a clear measure of the most highly regarded brand names today.

The study explores consumer attitudes in 13 markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. To ensure an accurate representation through this study, the survey targets age, gender and monthly household income to establish a balanced survey landscape.

Innovation Leader and a Citizen of the World

Samsung is constantly working toward a better tomorrow and to remain Asia’s top brand. Addressing evolving consumers’ needs and wants is essential in helping Samsung pave the way as a forerunner of the industry, with community engagement being an integral part of maintaining the rapport Samsung has with the communities it is involved in.

  1. A Leader in Innovation

Every year, Samsung invests around US$14 billion in Research & Development to ensure that they are at the cutting edge of innovation. More than a fifth of their staff works in R&D and this dedication allows Samsung to remain at the top of their game, with their recent launches (listed below) reflecting the unwavering pursuit of excellence Samsung pursues.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones were announced during Samsung Unpacked 2018 before the start of Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona and subsequently rolled out across the region. Featuring the category-defining Dual Aperture lens that adapts like the human eye, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ offers users an immersive experience like no idea.

  • Samsung QLED TV 2018

Samsung unveils the 2018 series of its flagship QLED TV models at the company’s First Look in New York event. With groundbreaking design elements, enhanced picture quality, and intuitive smart capabilities, Samsung’s 2018 QLED line empowers consumers to enjoy content without distractions – even when viewers are not actively watching.

  1. Citizenship Initiatives to Give Back to the Community

By harnessing its global network and innovations, Samsung wants to contribute to society and firmly embed themselves within the communities in which the company operates in. Samsung measures success not only by business achievements, but also by how well they serve and improve these communities.

In Southeast Asia & Oceania, Samsung creates social value by lending their expertise and supplying technologies to communities in need. Believing that education is the seed of innovation, Samsung is helping students take advantage of a smarter approach to education. By collaborating with government agencies, local non-governmental organizations and vocational institutions, Samsung has established more than 170 Smart Schools and 26 Tech Institutes across the region. These programs give students an enhanced learning environment with technology, and provide relevant skills-based training. 


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