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SAMSUNG-approved playlists for an added boost of inspiration and relaxation

SAMSUNG-approved playlists for an added boost of inspiration and relaxation

Listening to music is believed to have several psychological benefits. It is an effective way to improve mood, focus, and drive. It can even be therapeutic to some, especially for those who want to relax and keep themselves calm.

Globally, Samsung has partnered with Spotify to make it easier for users to access their playlists across all their Galaxy devices and to enjoy a personalized soundtrack based on their routine through the Bixby integration for Spotify.

Samsung shares a few Spotify playlists – from fresh tracks to curated playlists and podcasts –

to help users relax and be inspired wherever they may be.

Playlists for Wellness

The Wellness hub has everything that soothes the mind, body, and soul. People can choose from several wellness playlists depending on their choice—from yoga and meditation, to exercise. Yogis can try the Sunrise Yoga playlist or the Tibetan Bowls playlist to guide them in their meditation process for an extra boost of relaxation.

There are also curated playlists dedicated to relaxation, including music for stress relief, laidback acoustics, calming instrumental covers, gentle piano concertos, and spa-themed tunes.

Nature sounds

Love the sound of rain and gentle lapping waves? Or perhaps the loud chirping of crickets at night? Many people listen to nature sounds as it can calm an anxious mind. This hub offers soundtracks that range from rain, ocean, forest, and animal sounds. Those who feel calm by the soothing sound of the rain can listen to Gentle Rains, while animal and nature lovers can try Birds In The Forest. Explore more of nature’s music through this playlist with a smartphone or tablet paired with earbuds.

Classical music

Nothing beats the classics. Listen to these playlists for timeless pieces by some of the greatest classical and contemporary composers for music that soothes the mind. Apart from benefits like reduced stress and induced relaxation, classical songs can also help people stay focused.

Calming morning and bedtime tunes

Having trouble sleeping at night? These are the playlists for those who want to listen to relaxing music to help them sleep better. People can also check out Fresh Start for refreshing tunes to start the morning with a positive mind.

Empowering Podcasts

Words have the power to inspire and uplift people. Embrace good mental health and slowly eliminate negative thoughts by listening to empowering podcasts that encourage self-love and happiness. Check out Spotify’s heartwarming podcast charts, including relatable pieces from Esther Perel, TED Talks Daily, Jay Shetty, The Savvy Psychologist, and The Mindset Mentor.

Music for the brain

Aside from calming music, Spotify also offers soundtracks that can help people stay focused while working or studying. 

Boost productivity at home by listening to Workday Lounge, Your Office Stereo, Productive Morning, and Workday Soul for music that can put people in the mood for work so they can focus more and accomplish their tasks.

Pulling an all-nighter will never be the same when playing calming tunes from Intense Studying, Instrumental Study, and Acoustic Concentration. Meanwhile, bookworms who love reading with background music can also listen to playlists like Read & Unwind, Summer Reading, Reading Chill Out.

Stay inspired and relaxed by enjoying these playlists with a device that delivers amazing sound quality. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ has features that offer an immersive listening experience so users can enjoy the content they love to watch and listen to with rich, true-to-life sound. They can also pair it with a powerful smartphone like the Galaxy S20 for a cinematic viewing experience in the palm of their hands.

To know more about the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy S20 series, visit samsung.com/ph.


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