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Rotary Club of Makati West holds Likhang Sining 2017 at Ayala Museum

Rotary Club of Makati West holds Likhang Sining 2017 at Ayala Museum

Rotary Club of Makati West and Ayala Museum  announce the 22nd On-the-Spot Painting Competition for high school students  entitled, LIKHANG SINING 2017  at the Ayala Museum on March 18, 2017.

Each year students are challenged to showcase their imagination, creativity and artisitic talents through said competition.  A theme is provided where students are given ample time to express and communicate their message through their painting and  participants’ artworks are  judged by three (3) prominent artists and art critics.

LIKHANG SINING extends the program to those who are not currently enrolled in any high school but the participant may be endorsed by the parish priest, barangay captain or any reputable institution.

Contest rules are:  high school student from 12 – 18 years old, with a letter of recommendation signed by the teacher and the principal of the school with certification that student is enrolled for SY 2016 – 2017.

Criteria for judging are:  creative use of the medium, expression and technique, relevance to the theme and originality of artistic perception and mode of interpretation.

Rotary Club of Makati West believes in the youth.  The program has been ongoing for the past 22 years and it is their mission to pursue said altruistic project.  They believe that through this program RCMW helps to veer the youth from the social menace of the society.  Through LIKHANG SINING, RCMW promotes and enhances the creativity of the youth and further strengthen  their  objective to encourage and hone the youth’s  artistic skills.

Witness the participants of LIKHANG SINING render their art in various mediums and view their works of art.

LIKHANG SINING will be held at the Ayala Museum on March 18, 2017.  For inquiries, call Rotary Club of Makati West and look for Kai or Anica at 753-3098.


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