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Ride to your own BeAT in the midst of soaring fuel price

Ride to your own BeAT in the midst of soaring fuel price

As we come out of the pandemic and slowly going back to normal routines, the road recovery is now everyone’s major objective. While Filipinos are known for their resilient spirit, the reality of inflation hits hard and times like this, our priorities will depend on how far our paychecks will go.  

For instance, minimizing spending on gas money by switching to more cost-efficient rides has become a major consideration for those who are always on the road. If you’ve been meaning to get a more reliable but guaranteed super-reliable motorcycle, BeAT is simply a timeless choice that fits the bill.

This award-winning scooter from Honda Philippines, Inc., (HPI) the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country, presents all you want and more in a reliable everyday ride without compromising style and performance.

Incomparable fuel efficiency

Any discussion on the strength of BeAT should begin with its superior fuel efficiency. Recognized as the Most Fuel-Efficient Scooter at the Rider’s Choice Awards, BeAT runs on an amazing 63.7 km/L fuel consumption for the Premium variant and 58.0 km/L for the Standard variant on a 4.0 L-fuel tank capacity.

 What makes this model economical is a combination of light design and advanced features. For one, it has the PGM-FI fuel supply system with electronic control technology, capable of optimally supplying fuel and air to give it efficient engine power with low emissions. There’s also the Idling Stop System (ISS) that automatically switches off the engine after three seconds of being stationary. A simple throttle twist turns the engine back on. This mechanism reduces fuel consumption and increases efficiency.

Highly Reliable 

BeAT also makes it easy to switch with its cost efficiency. Price starts at SRP 69,900.00 pesos for its Fashion Sport (STD) and Street variants, while the Premium (ISS/CBS) variant is reasonable at SRP 72,900.00 pesos. 

With its reliable performance and advanced features, conveniently take you where you should go without worrying about gas consumption. How’s that for the best deal?

Sporty design

BeAT allows you to ride to your own beat with a sporty and fun look. An eye-catching headlight and winker design light up the street, while a sharp tail light style turns heads wherever you go. There’s also a dynamic and stylish new stripes design that gives a type of urban edginess to the look.

What’s more, this model weighs in at just 93 kg, with a seat height of 740mm. Even women are sure to find BeAT easy to maneuver and stylish to ride as they make their way in and around city traffic or on weekend trips.

Safety features all around

While BeAT is made irresistible, it does not skimp on important safety features.  

The long list includes a secured key shutter, or a combination of the magnetic safety ignition and the seat eject button. It’s a simple yet important innovation for your riding safety, which also ensures comfort and convenience. There’s also the Enhanced Smart Power (eSP), Combi Brake System (CBS), and Informative Semi-Digital Meter Panel with Eco Indicator, among others. And if you feel like going on long-distance rides, BeAT presents fast acceleration for a 108-scooter, to go with responsive braking.

The BeAT that makes you go

In terms of riding performance, BeAT is powered by a 4-stroke, SOHC, Air-Cooled eSP engine that generates a maximum power of 6.48 kW @ 7,500 rpm and a top torque of 9.21 Nm @ 6,000 rpm. Meanwhile, in terms of braking, it offers responsive hydraulic ventilated disc brakes up front and mechanical leading trailing out back. 

Another reason to get BeAT is the industry-leading After-Sales Service of Honda. All motorcycle comes with warranty provisions that customers can use as needed. Honda maintains that care, trust, and openness to customers are timeless principles that the group adheres to.

All told, BeAT shines for its fuel efficiency, practicality, and ease of use. Reporting to the office or simply running errands is made easy with this nimble scooter that allows you to weave through the tightest city traffic and park with ease. 

Switch now, make the right choice and ride to your own BeAT!

For more information about BeAT and other Honda Philippines, Inc. products and services, visit www.hondaph.com. Stay updated on Honda’s newest products and promos by following Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook and Instagram (@hondaph_mc), or contacting (02)-8581-6700 to 6799, and 0917-884-6632.


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