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Revolutionary Dress-and-Earn GameFi Vampire Game ‘ClawKiss’ Launches Globally on iOS and Android

Revolutionary Dress-and-Earn GameFi Vampire Game ‘ClawKiss’ Launches Globally on iOS and Android

 Cocone Corporation, the Tokyo-based game studio behind many successful avatar dress-up games, is proud to announce the launch of the newest title in their Web3 gaming library — ClawKiss — a free-to-play dress-and-earn GameFi vampire-themed dress-up game that utilizes blockchain technology. Claw Kiss is available now to download on AppStore and Google Play, here.

In ClawKiss, players take on the role of a vampire who lives with and cares for their loyal avatar companion in this vampire life simulator. While taking care of their avatar, players will dive into self-expression, endless dress-up, and interior design options featuring rare and limited-edition virtual fashion and interior design items.

The game also utilize Selfy, the popular avatar generator whose games have been enjoyed in over 170 countries. ClawKiss provide two types of tokens with unique functions and will be deployed by the MOOI network.

Collect and Convert Token into Crypto

Avatars in ClawKiss are known as Ethereal Symbiotic Automatons (or ESA for short). They are the key to your success in ClawKiss. Alongside dressing them up, players care for them by casting magic to increase their happiness levels until they are ready for a “ClawKiss” (the ritual of taking your avatar’s blood).

By doing this, players will earn tokens that can be used to grow their avatar’s clothing collection or converted to cryptocurrency.

Dress-Up Play Meets Blockchain Mechanics

Powered by blockchain technology and developed under the MOOI Network, ClawKiss players can earn tokens by caring for their avatars and completing quests. These tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency via MOOI Wallet.

NFTs are also at the forefront of ClawKiss’ gameplay. The avatar itself is an NFT. Using NFTs is optional, and ClawKiss is free-to-play. However, ClawKiss’ NFTs serve a practical function; limited-edition design avatars open up more gameplay opportunities and increase token-earning potential.

NFTs can also be minted and listed on MOOI Network’s NFT Marketplace, JellyMe, giving players even more chances to earn tokens.

ClawKiss places a particular emphasis on user-friendliness, built so that users who may be less familiar with blockchain games or NFTs can make the most of their gameplay experience!

A World Made Exclusively for Vampires

ClawKiss is a space for those who may feel like outsiders from mainstream society to come and enjoy a world where they can be who they truly are and express themselves however they wish in a virtual space. Adopting the role of a vampire, they can connect with their fellow vampires and find a welcoming community.

Develop Your Passion for Fashion

Using the avatar generator ‘Selfy,’ players select their first avatar from 20,000 variations. From there, players are free to show off their style and dress their avatars how they please.

From Japanese Kawaii to dark styles, fantasy fashion, streetwear, and beyond, the regularly expanding catalog of dress-up and interior design items means endless self-expression opportunities!

Supporting Women Gamers in Blockchain Spaces

It’s no secret that blockchain games targeted specifically towards women are still few in number. ClawKiss aims to be an outlet for women gamers who may feel excluded from the blockchain gaming space, especially players in Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia, where Japanese Kawaii culture has proven to be popular. 

Cocone and ClawKiss are excited to welcome players to the next generation of dress-up games, allowing users to play with Japanese fashion alongside easy-to-play blockchain functions and NFTs to bring real-world value to the lives of its players. Will you embrace the darkness and enter the world of vampires? We’ll be waiting for you….

Follow ClawKiss’ Official Social Media Accounts, check out the Official Website and jump into the world of vampires and fashion!


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