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Review: Samsung’s New MWF600G Convection Microwave Oven

Review: Samsung’s New MWF600G Convection Microwave Oven

Words by Joanna Pilla

Samsung has outdone itself again with a new kitchen aide that will definitely cut down cooking stresses by half, and that’s a guarantee. Samsung’s new MWF600G Convection Microwave Oven or affectionately called Smart oven comes with a sleek and classy design armed with an amazing sensor technology and high quality performance that allows you to do more than just heating dishes. It serves two functions: one as a reliable household microwave and second as a convection oven. The machine allows for defrosting, slim frying, grilling and so much more— it even includes a fermentation feature that’s meant to make dough and yogurts. It is a 32-litre multi-function microwave oven aimed to assist in your everyday cooking needs. It literally has so many functions that you’ll find yourself looking at the manual more than you ever have in your history of appliances. It serves justice to its moniker, ‘smart oven’.

Its multi-sensor allows you to do more than just one function as it goes— it can defrost microwave then grill, all in perfect order. Alternatively you can also microwave and grill, and microwave and cook among all other things. Now, if you find yourself wanting an easier experience, Samsung’s smart oven has 25 preset Smart Cook modes. This allows users to warm up or cook specific types of food in a matter of minutes. What’s even more brilliant about it is the sensors. It tells you when your meat is defrosted through displaying the temperature of your food including the internal density. The Smart Multi Sensor

Technology can basically estimate cooking stages with just relying on surface temperature. Bid goodbye to undercooked food and hello to easily prepared, delicious meals.

Also another feature that gives it charm is its slim frying technology. It allows you to enjoy meals that are otherwise traditionally prepared by frying in oil, with minimum or no amount of oil at all! For the health conscious (and maybe even for all the kitchen-bodies out there) it’s a holy grail. It has 10 preset Slim Fry modes to cook French fries, chicken and several other crispy-fried meals, emphasis on using minimal to no.

With all its amazing features of course the external design of the product is not to be overlooked. As mentioned earlier, Samsung presents its smart oven with a sleek, classy design. As expected with any of Samsung’s marketed appliances, the mere aesthetic of it is absolutely appealing. Complete with a silver chrome finish and a pin-sharp LCD, it makes kitchen living eternally more professional looking and stylish. Who says you can’t cook in style?

Cook like a pro without having to overexert yourself. I believe that’s what Samsung’s new smart oven is all about, it presents itself as an easy-to-use household companion meant to serve you at its fullest with its many functions that you will surely love. To summaries you could simply put together ingredients immediately available in your fridge, place them inside the oven and have an entire meal out after only a few minutes. It cuts from the cleaning too since you only technically need to use a few trays and a few other things to prepare you meal. That in itself is quite a tempting advantage.

Cooking has become so smart and effortless and we have Samsung’s MWF600G Convection MWO to thank for that.

Samsung Digital Monthly Cooking Workshop

Words By Kit PIlla

Becoming a chef used to be one of my dreams when I was young, for the obvious reason that I really love to cook and eat. This, along with being a doctor or a nurse.

Fast forward to the present, becoming a nurse turned into a reality and it gave me stints in a hospital, a city health office, in a pharmaceutical company before I strayed and suddenly enjoy the world of photography, blogging, website creation/maintenance and writing.

But when I got invited to attend the Samsung Digital Monthly Cooking Workshop, saying yes to this opportunity brings back the memory of my younger self aiming to be a chef, albeit the expensive culinary school fees nowadays.

Chef Ernest Gala of GalaStars Culinary School conducted the workshop. There, I tried my hand at Italian Dishes with a Filipino Twist. It’s our task for that day, since attendees were taught how to prepare healthy Linguine with Crab Fat and Chicken Longanisa Mozzarella using different functions of Samsung Smart Oven. Preparing those dishes was easy because of the Samsung Smart oven.

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