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Review: MOMAX OnePlug 66W 4-Port Type-C PD Charger

Review: MOMAX OnePlug 66W 4-Port Type-C PD Charger

You might have common experiences with having numerous devices that we use either at home or at work and chances are we bring along each of its charging cables and plugs. Especially now that some devices are using Type-C ports and some still have the regular USB ports. They just add up to additional space in your bag or luggage.

Another thing is when you’re fighting along over an outlet which is not enough to plug multiple devices and people are getting annoyed at you for using all of them. All these problems can be solved with the MOMAX OnePlug 66W 4-Port Type-C PD Charger, one reliable charging plug to rule them all!

The Company and PD Technology

MOMAX is one company that’s already developing this type of technology, a renowned consumer electronics brand the company was founded in 2004 in Hong Kong. It is dedicated to designing and producing various kinds of innovative consumer electronics including external battery, energy booster, cable, protection, photography and audio.

A new technology is developed called USB Power Delivery or PD will be more common in every charging device. USB Power Delivery aims to make your device be able to charge much faster than before. It also ensures devices are not overcharged and will only provide the necessary amount of power needed. It can increase standard power levels to up to 100 watts.


Our review unit comes in a matte black color and made of durable plastic material. When we unbox the unit it came with the OnePlug 66W Type-C PD Charger unit and some documentations such as instructional manual, safety manual and a MOMAX mini leaflet so you can check out the other products they offer as well.

The plug top pin can be folded that makes it more portable and unique.

The MOMAX One Plug has 4 ports, the first two ports have a Type-C Power Delivery 3.0 feature up to 48W and two USB-A ports with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. up to 18W power.

With the Power Delivery feature it can charge devices 4x faster than any standard chargers. It’s compatible with the new MacBook Pro, Huawei FCP, and Apple 2.4A fast charge without being affected by the USB Type-C ports.

Safety features comes along with these accessory such as overcharge, overheat and over-voltage protection. Giving you a little piece of mind if ever you are charging any of the ports or using all of it with your device. But still I would advice to be responsible in removing your device or unplugging it in case its fully charge already.

I tried charging my Apple Macbook Pro Touch Bar and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus with the MOMAX OnePlug 66W using the two Type-C port. It was charging efficiently and stable while I’m doing some work.

The USB port meanwhile still effortlessly charges my tablet and fast thanks to the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 feature.

Two devices plugged into the Type-C port of the MOMAX OnePlug 66W Charger
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 available at the USB Type-A port


  • Model: UM11
  • Input: 100-240V – 60/50Hz 1.5A
  • Total Output: 66W (Max)
  • USB-C1: 5V-3A 9V-3A, 12=3A, 20V=2.4A (48W Max) Type-C Power Delivery 3.0
  • USB-C2: 5V-3A 9V-2A, 12=1.5A (18W Max) Type-C Power Delivery 3.0
  • USB-A1: 5V-3A 9V-2A, 12=1.5A (18W Max) Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • USB-A2: 5V-3A 9V-2A, 12=1.5A (18W Max) Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • Box Contents: 1pc MOMAX OnePlug, Instructional Manual, Safety Manual and MOMAX Mini Leaflet
  • Compatible Units: Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Touch Bar, Nintendo Switch, iPad, smartphones, laptops and tablet devices with Type-C charging port.
  • Other  features: Overcharge, Overheat & Over-voltage Protection

The MOMAX One Plug 4-Port Charger will have a retail price of Php 3,290 and will be available at any of your nearest Digital Walker store. For more information and latest gadgets release, visit their Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/digitalwalkerstore/.


About The Author

Raymund Ravanera is an accomplished and experienced graphic designer with almost 20 years of creative expertise working in the graphic design industry. He loves the latest gadgets, food and movies. Currently, he owns and manages megabites.com.ph, an online technology and lifestyle blog since 2015.

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