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Red Bull Dance Your Style Spotlights Cebu’s Dance Powerhouses in Provincial Qualifier

Red Bull Dance Your Style Spotlights Cebu’s Dance Powerhouses in Provincial Qualifier

The dance floor is heating up following the first ever Red Bull Dance Your Style Cebu qualifier event. This event has sparked a wave of enthusiasm among dancers and dance enthusiasts across the country, as Red Bull, known for its support of sportsculture and high-energy events, is back for another year in the world of dance.

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a unique competition that celebrates individuality, creativity, and the diversity of dance styles. Unlike traditional dance competitions with set routines, Red Bull Dance Your Style encourages dancers to showcase their improvisational skills and freestyle moves. It’s all about embracing your personal style and letting your passion for dance shine.

Last July 15, Cebu concluded its first ever qualifier round for Red Bull Dance Your Style at Trademark Cebu, marking an exhilarating milestone in this year’s competition. 

16 dancers from the region showcased their extraordinary skills and unleashed their creativity on the dance floor. The atmosphere was electric as performers gave it their all, leaving no doubt that Cebu is a powerhouse of talent in the dancing world.

After seeing stellar performances, Shihan Maui, known on the dance floor as Baby Titan, emerged as the dancer who took home the crown. His performance was nothing short of outstanding, captivating the audience with his unique style, precision, and artistic expression.

In addition to Baby Titan, three contestants proved to be standouts in the competition, earning their spots in the top 4. These included JPY, Taw, and Nemesis, who was also the competition’s only female finalist.

With Cebu’s regional qualifiers now over, eyes now turn to the regional qualifiers in the country’s capital of Manila. Set to happen on July 22 at URBN QC.

The top 4 finalists from each qualifier will eventually move on to the National Finals in September. From there, the winner of the National Finals will qualify for the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals in Frankfurt, Germany in November.

What is Red Bull Dance Your Style?

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global dance competition set out to find all the best dancers from all over the globe. They’ll be gathering together in one place for an intense dance battle set to test the diversity of their move-set and prove that they are the best dancers in the world.

Unlike other major dance competitions with professional judges, the crowd will play a crucial role in determining the winner of each battle. The crowd participation means the dancers will really need to express their personality and passion through their dancing. They’ll need to win the crowd to move past their opponents.

For more updates and news about the upcoming Red Bull Dance Your Style event, visit https://redbulldanceyourstyle.com/


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