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Ready, set, prep! Celebrate a better you with Spotify’s 2023 Survival Kit

Ready, set, prep! Celebrate a better you with Spotify’s 2023 Survival Kit

Answer the questions Uso Pa Ba ang New Year’s Resolution? with DJ Chacha and Sam YG, and be empowered about moving at your own pace because really, life’s not a race. Or, if resolutions aren’t for you, Bianca Gonzales’ “What’s Your Theme For 2023? shares tips on building a theme for yourself.

Will Dasovich’s My 5 core goals for 2023, Inka Magnaye’s New Year’s Resolution, as well as Nana Silayro’s New Year, New Me! Talaga ba? guides listeners on actionable steps towards achieving their goals. Remember, no resolution is big or small; they’re all just as important as the other. 

Check out episodes designed to help you through your journey — be it around work, family, or self-healing. Catch power couple, Slater Young and Kryz Uy letter from the sky, as they discuss what it means to leave home and move to a bigger city. Or join KoolPals’ Donna’t be Sad sa Work as they joke and jest through solutions to the question: “pa’no ba maging happy sa work?” 

2023 Survival Kit has everything in the mix, including a sensible and spicy mix of shows about love and relationships. From Boiling Waters’ Career or Lovelife discussion, Hugot Marcelo’s Ito na, bibitaw na episode on the art of letting go, to The Sexytime Podcast’s candid and naughty Quickie Q&A — these episodes are ready to set the tone for a happy, heartbreak-free February.

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