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Provenir Joins Visa Ready for BNPL Program to Support AI Risk Decisioning for Burgeoning Buy Now Pay Later Sector

Provenir Joins Visa Ready for BNPL Program to Support  AI Risk Decisioning for Burgeoning Buy Now Pay Later Sector

Provenir, a global leader in AI-powered risk decisioning software for the fintech industry, today announced it is part of the Visa Ready for BNPL program, providing lenders offering Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services the ability to make data-fueled and AI-powered intelligent decisions.

Today’s announcement builds on Provenir’s established partnership with Visa, leveraging Visa’s collaboration, expertise and vast network. In addition to Visa Ready for BNPL, Provenir is also an enabling partner with Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program and Visa Fintech Partner Connect.

Provenir’s AI-Powered Decisioning Platform is comprised of three essential components that enable financial institutions to rapidly overcome the challenges that hold them back — data integration, AI deployment and decisioning automation.

“Provenir is proud to join Visa Ready for BNPL as an enabling partner providing AI-risk decisioning for Visa clients in the BNPL sector,” said Kathy Stares, Executive Vice President, North America at Provenir. “In the fast-moving BNPL sector, risk decisioning that’s accurate and based on real-time information is essential. Our AI-powered risk decisioning platform provides a cohesive risk ecosystem to enable smarter decisions across the entire customer lifecycle to power many of the world’s leading BNPL providers across all continents.”

Through the Visa Ready for BNPL program, Visa establishes a robust ecosystem of partners to scale Visa’s BNPL portfolio of solutions worldwide.

Visa Ready for BNPL program partners provide Visa clients access to solutions and capabilities to support standing up BNPL capabilities including acquirers, POS systems, commerce platforms, issuer/virtual card processors, digital banking providers, origination platforms, system integrators and more.


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