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Protect your life goals with AXA Philippines’ MyLifeChoice

Protect your life goals with AXA Philippines’ MyLifeChoice

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may have shifted our focus to protecting ourselves and our family from the negative impact of the virus. While doing so is critical at this time, it’s important to not lose sight of our goals that will see us through life when this pandemic is over. Whether it’s preparing for retirement, starting a business, saving up for your child’s education or for an emergency fund, goals are important because they serve as a compass to guide us on what we really want to achieve in life.

To help ensure you continue to pursue your goals, AXA Philippines is offering MyLifeChoice, a protection and investment plan that allows policyholders to personalize their policies according to their unique needs and priorities.“

The pandemic has made us realize the significance of protecting our life goals, which can be done through better preparation in case of emergencies and other unforeseen events. AXA MyLifeChoice can help you achieve your goals by covering you from the unexpected,” explains Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president and chief executive officer.

Undoubtedly, setting life goals can be quite daunting, especially these days with the ongoing pandemic forcing us to focus on more urgent matters instead. According to financial planner Aya Laraya, even pre-pandemic, setting life goals was already a challenge for many Filipinos. Some would rather focus on purchases that provide instant gratification instead of saving money, others believe it’s taboo or bad luck to prepare for bad events, while some would rather spend on other priorities.

But MyLifeChoice eases all that with the help of an AXA Financial Partner. The MyLIfeChoice policy allows you and the advisor to co-create a plan that’s based on your individual goals, priorities, budget, and level of protection need. Your AXA Financial Partner can also help you choose the right set of funds for you, depending on your investment risk appetite.

Not only that, what is great about MyLifeChoice is that you can already enjoy a start-up bonus on day one of your policy, which is equivalent to 70 percent of your first year premium invested in an AXA fund when you keep your investment for the long term. This bonus is on top of the invested units from the policyholder’s regular premium payments. 

With the help of an AXA Financial Partner, and the added benefit of the start-up bonus, you’re better poised to achieve your life goals with MyLifeChoice. To know more about the variants of MyLifeChoice and to see which one suits your needs, book an appointment with an AXA Financial Partner at www.axa.com.ph/mylifechoice.


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Jallison Baldueza is our resident content assistant author and junior graphic artist in charge of content and article posting. For press release, articles and contributions please e-mail us at [email protected].

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