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Protect your business against cyber threats with ePLDT’s Cyber Security

Protect your business against cyber threats with ePLDT’s Cyber Security

Due to the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), information is being collected at an unprecedented rate, with much of it being highly personal and confidential. It is because of this that cybersecurity is of much greater importance today.

ePLDT, an industry-leading provider of digital business solutions to enterprises in the Philippines, is warning local companies that employing data security software and hardware  is not enough to combat cyber-threats. This is according to its newly appointed head of cybersecurity.

“Companies that focus on data security technology alone unfortunately do not understand cybersecurity,” said Angel Redoble, Chief Information Security Officer of ePLDT. “Because a single attack can affect every department of a company, cybersecurity therefore should be approached holistically by integrating it in every aspect, not just in technology. To do this, a company must first focus on having a strict protocol or process and must have the right people who are skilled to combat different kinds of threats. Once these are integrated with the appropriate technology, a company can achieve business resiliency.”

Angel Redoble_ePLDT Chief Information Security Officer

This crucial insight follows on the heels of Ernst & Young’s Global Information Security Survey of 2016 and 2017 which reveals that 64% of 1,735 firms surveyed, which includes Philippine companies, admitted that they have zero or mere informal threat intelligence programs. Moreover, 42% do not have an agreed communications strategy or plan in place in the event of a significant attack.

A security process or program provides the framework for keeping a company at a desired security level by assessing the risks, deciding how to mitigate them, and planning on how to keep programs and practices up to date. ePLDT notes that this is where most companies fail because they only treat cybersecurity as technology or software.

As a leader in data security services in the country, ePLDT’s Cyber Security portfolio is a suite of services that cover devices, systems, processes, and expertise, designed to defend enterprises from multiple security risks, evolving threats, and malicious software attacks. The portfolio is further boosted by ePLDT’s vast infrastructure network due to its 9 state-of-the art data centers and is recognized internationally through its ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification.

To know more about ePLDT’s cybersecurity offerings, visit www.epldt.com/solutions/cyber-security/.


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