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Pigeon conducts roundtable discussion on modern parenting with Safety Alert in the Digital Age

Pigeon conducts roundtable discussion on modern parenting with Safety Alert in the Digital Age

Richwell Phils. Inc. in cooperation with Pigeon, the no. 1 baby care brand in Japan, continues parenting education through their successful Parenting on the Move advocacy last year, and now with Safety Alert in the Digital Age held last May 15 in Cibo, Powerplant Mall.

Together with their celebrity mommy brand ambassador, Isabelle, they held another Parenting On the Move event, this time focusing on proper parenting in the digital age. Isabelle served as the moderator of the event, which was filled with engaging discussions that were very informative with some panel of experts: Maye Yao Co Say, Chief Operating Officer of RichwellPhils. Group of Companies;  Teacher Tanya Velasco, childhood educator and a RIE Practicum Student; Ma. Celi M. Rico-Tantianpact,  General Pediatrician, Makati Medical Center; Bernice V. Quiros-Tan, MD, FPOGS, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Makati Medical Center; Georges Ramirez, Senior Editor of C! Magazine; and  Art Samaniego, Jr., Tech Editor, Manila Bulletin.

Handling a newborn

Being a first-time parent is both exciting and scary, but such a beautiful thing to experience. Experts discussed how to make this time less daunting by better educating guests that safety is the first criteria in choosing any product. Starting from pregnancy, being safe and active with the Pigeon Maternity Belt to leaving the hospital with Europe’s first car seat brand, Maxi-Cosi, to choosing newborn care products that are fully-researched like the Pigeon Newborn Pure; to prioritizing breastfeeding for your newborn with the help of tools like doctor-recommended Pigeon Honeycomb Breast Pads. Pigeon’s Safety Alert event became a rewarding interaction of Real Experts, Real Moms and Real Issues all towards Pigeon’s vision of “Our Love to Babies”. 

Creating a safe environment

A happy and healthy child can be very active. Experts talked about how to make sure that your child has the freedom to move and explore while still giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety with the help of child safety products like Safety 1st’s U-pressure auto fit gates with Securetech technology and even when you’re bathing your baby, Safety 1st’s Custom Care Modular Bathing Solution gives you additional peace of mind. Ergonomically designed for newborn to toddlers, it offers added foam comfort to prevent slipping and curling while letting your baby’s head and back feel supported.

Child Development

A child’s early years are crucial to his development, ensure that your child grows up happy and healthy through activities that promote quality bonding time. Exposing your child to the outdoors or new experiences at a young age can be both fun and scary for parents.  Keep your child safe when traveling with the Quinny Zapp Flex Stroller and the Citi Carseat by Maxi-Cosi. Aside from traveling with your young one, great bonding moments can also be enjoyed during feeding time. Hence, the food your child eats should also be clean and safe – always. For this, there’s Pigeon Liquid Cleanser. Its 100% food-grade ingredients make the product gentle on the skin and safe to consume in times when toys and accessories were not washed or rinsed properly. It can be used to wash baby accessories, fruits and vegetables to toys. Adding to their roster of research backed products, Pigeon is also well-known for its baby care products like the Newborn Pure, which introduces the brand’s latest innovation. The Natulayer, which has a layer of ingredients that mimics the natural coat protection found on the baby’s skin in the womb – Vernix and Ceramide. This makes it very safe to use even for newborns and is perfect for bath time bonding with your little one.

Digital technology

There’s no harm in introducing your child to technology but as they say, too much of one thing is bad. It is better to guide your child from the proper use of apps they are using. Also, it  is more appropriate to have fun with your child such us playing with toys or more time spending  with them on teaching more about the environment.

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