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Philips Gaming Monitors Partners Up with Fulcrum Esports Valkyries and Hashira Valorant Squad

Philips Gaming Monitors Partners Up with Fulcrum Esports Valkyries and Hashira Valorant Squad

Philips Gaming Monitors officially announces their partnership with Fulcrum Esports Valkyries and Hashira Valorant Pro Team. Moving forward, Philips Gaming Monitors will be supporting both teams in their esports aspirations.

This year, Philips Gaming Monitors plans to plant its flag in the gaming industry. Apart from releasing new models catered to gamers’ home entertainment systems, establishing partnerships with esports teams will be one of their flagship activities in 2021.

Fulcrum Esports Valkyries

Fulcrum Esports Valkyries is one of the first two teams to partner up with Philips Gaming Monitors. The all-female Valorant squad will also be undergoing a rebrand and will now be known as Philips Gaming Fulcrum Valkyries.

This announcement also marks their main roster’s official launch, composed of a mix of fresh faces and experienced players in the local FPS scene.

The main lineup is headed by captain Eunice Anne “Rashida” Abendanio and In-Game Lead (IGL) Fiona Noreen “DelBisky’ Del Rosario. Pushing ahead are the two duelists, Rissa Nicole “NicoleG” Grumal, and Trisha “Trishmosa” Villanueva. To round up the roster are controller/sentinel Mary Fleur “Hysteria” Intes and the team’s smoker Jasmine Eunice “Qomotion” A. Cruz, who is also the youngest member of the team. Philips Gaming Fulcrum Valkyries is now geared up and ready for a challenge.

Before their signing, the team has been making waves in both the local and regional scene. They finished in the top 5 of Liga Adarna’s “Sleigh the Enemy” Valorant Tournament in December 2020. The team also participated in the regional FSL FPS Valorant tournament and secured a playoff berth.

Hashira Valorant Pro Team

On the other hand, Philips Gaming Monitors will partner up with Hashira Valorant Pro Team as a Major Sponsor.

Hashira is composed of FPS elites, led by their captain, Francis Danison “Rabbet” Bunag, hailing from Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao. 16-year-olds Jeremy “JRemY” Cabrera and Jiggs “invy” Reyes have shown immense skill even at such a young age. They aim to continue their growth alongside Hashira. Mohammad “Hatred” Macarambon hails from Iligan City, another protégé with a few years ahead of the two. They all benefit from the experience of the veteran Aron “2766” Orlanda, hailing from Cainta.

The multi-regional team composes one of the best teams in the Valorant Philippine scene.

Since the inception of the Hashira Pro Team, they have been a force to be reckoned with in the FPS scene. Over the past year, Hashira competed in and even won major tournaments. They emerged as champions of Valoleague Season 1, Sukiru Valorant Invitational, Intel Gen X League Season 2, and the JBL Valorant Open. They also finished as 1st runners-up in SEASports Qualifier Week 1, 2nd Runners-up in the AOC Masters Valorant Cup, and 3rd-4th in the Valorant First Strike Philippines.

Paving the way in the competitive scene 

By entering partnerships with both Valorant teams, Philips Gaming Monitors aims to empower them to compete in even bigger tournaments.

The Valkyries is looking forward to the upcoming FSL FPS season, with their sights set on top-tier regional competitions and other all-female Valorant tournaments. On the other hand, Hashira aspires to make their way into becoming the most dominant team in the Philippines and enter international competitions to represent the country.

“With our support, we aim to help both teams achieve their full potential in Valorant,” says Philips Monitors Philippines Marketing Manager Jack Salamia. “Philips Gaming will give them equipment from our current and upcoming series of models to harness their skills. They will be the first ones to use monitors with up to 240 Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time from our brand. Under Philips Gaming, we will bring both teams to new heights, and help them get the recognition they deserve from the esports community and beyond.”


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