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Petron Adds Lamborghini Aventador to its Collectibles
Petron Adds Lamborghini Aventador to its Collectibles

Petron Adds Lamborghini Aventador to its Collectibles

The holiday season comes early to toy car collectors with the addition of the Lamborghini Aventador S to the Petron Toy Car Collection, available from October 18 to November 4 at participating Petron stations nationwide.

The Petron Lamborghini Aventador S Toy Car Collection is scaled at 1:32 and is about 6-inches long. It is offered in four colors—gold, blue, orange, and black.. Made of high-quality die cast metal, these toy cars are also perfect gifts for car lovers of all shapes and sizes.

Getting the Petron Lamborghini Aventador toy car is uncomplicated, and also very affordable. Every single or accumulated purchase worth Php 500 of Petron fuels (Petron Blaze 100, Petron XCS, Petron Xtra Advance, Petron Turbo Diesel, Petron Diesel Max) and Petron engine oils (Petron Blaze Racing, Petron HTP, Petron Ultron, Petron Rev X, Petron Sprint 4T) entitles the customer to buy one Lamborghini Aventador toy car for only Php 250.

You can avail of the promo only at the participating station where you purchased the Petron fuel or engine oil. To avail, simply present the receipt of the participating products to the pump attendant. Every Php 500 can be used to redeem one toy car for Php 250. The receipt will be marked “redeemed” and any excess amount in the receipt will be voided and not valid for a next redemption. Cash and credit transactions, as well as bulk, P.O. and wholesale transactions are qualified to participate in this promo.

Only receipts from the promo period can be used to redeem the Petron Lamborghini Aventador Toy Car Collection. For the list of participating Petron stations, visit

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