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PCTA’s Mabuhay ang Lokal Champions the Stories of Filipino Communities

PCTA’s Mabuhay ang Lokal Champions the Stories of Filipino Communities

The Philippine Cable and Telecommunications Association, Inc. (PCTA), the umbrella organization of cable television operators in the Philippines, launches Mabuhay Ang Lokal, a campaign that aims to celebrate the stories of local individuals, groups, and cultures. The campaign will capture meaningful stories that represent the campaign’s major themes namely– Lokaltura, Lokalert, and Kwentong Lokal.

Lokaltura will capture the vibrant culture of local communities, underlining how PCTA member operators take part in keeping local traditions, flavors, and activities alive. Lokalert will highlight programs and initiatives that help communities stay informed with urgent news and announcements to keep people updated and safe when they need it the most. Kwentong Lokal will put the spotlight on different individuals or groups who have special talents and stories to share. Through Mabuhay Ang Lokal, cable TV subscribers are given the opportunity to be active members of their communities by showcasing and sharing their own stories.

“PCTA and our member operators have always believed that no community must be left behind—even the farthest, most remote ones. Equipped with PCTA’s core competencies, values, and ideas, we have tirelessly worked to come up and run campaigns and initiatives to ensure that every community is served, heard, and celebrated,” Joel Dabao, President of PCTA said.

Together, the PCTA member-cable operators are serving 75% of the total cable TV subscribers in the Philippines. “PCTA works toward serving and enriching the lives of our communities. The first letter in CATV means community. We are strong because of our communities, and we want to banner their stories for the whole country to watch.” Dabao said. “We’re firm believers that our kababayans have a story to share, and we want to help showcase these local content. This is what will differentiate us as an organization. Through this, we hope to create a ripple effect to encourage and inspire more Filipinos in different parts of our country” he added.

More than just creating and gathering content, Mabuhay Ang Lokal sets its sight on strengthening the presence of PCTA member operators in their respective locales and championing the local communities that they serve and keep alive through their operations and initiatives.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Simply film a one-minute video as inspired by the Mabuhay ang Lokal themes
  • You can be creative by editing your videos prior to submitting to PCTA.
  • You may send your entries to [email protected] , [email protected] or [email protected]
  • PCTA will review your entries and get back to you regarding its airing or distribution

Chosen entries will be highlighted and featured in local community channels, and all PCTA digital assets to celebrate local stories. After a year of gathering these content, we will culminate with The Best of Mabuhay ang Lokal Stories to showcase the most inspiring and engaging pieces of content.

Do you have a Mabuhay ang Lokal story you want to share? Visit www.pcta.org.ph or follow PCTA on Facebook for more information.

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