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Patrick Gentry: Asia CEO’s Young Leader of the Year Finalist

Patrick Gentry: Asia CEO’s Young Leader of the Year Finalist

“In the near future, my bathroom mirror will analyze the contents of my fridge and prompt me…no, will order milk for me.” That’s the bold prediction of Patrick Gentry, who is also CEO and Co-founder of Sprout Solutions, a high-flying Philippine-based startup that he set up with his wife, Alex Gentry.

It’s this forward thinking and bold vision that led to the establishment of Sprout Solutions, a software solutions firm that offers SaaS (Software as a service) to help enterprises with their payroll and HR concerns. In a few years, Patrick transformed Sprout from a fledgling enterprise to a profitable multi-million startup with over 60 paying clients in three countries, including global names such as Nidec, eBay, Uber, among many others. This earned him a nomination and a finalist status in the recently concluded Asia CEO Awards.

Asia CEO Awards represents the grandest alliance between local and international business firms ever created to promote the Philippines and its achievers on a global scale. Gathering all kinds of corporate professionals from different industries aligned with the same vision of moving the country forward — it is one of the largest events of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sprout’s tremendous growth has placed Patrick in the same line-up as other resounding CEOs in the country. His deep understanding of the market and its unanswered needs jumpstarted his initiative of offering solutions that address major pain points of a company: the often cumbersome and tedious process of managing payroll and timekeeping.

Despite advances in technology, many firms still practice these processes manually, eating up precious time that could otherwise go to more productive pursuits. Sprout has changed the game by turning around protocols that were once error-prone, costly, and time-consuming. Their products are all cloud-based, which fully automates complex timekeeping and attendance from biometrics all the way down to payout.

Patrick’s expertise in technology, coming from a Silicon Valley background, is also matched by a strong commitment to customer service. Each day, Patrick and his team search for ways to better serve their clients. Patrick and his whole team take pride in being able to address clients’ feedback and inquiries within two hours, ensuring that no complaint is left unaddressed.

Last July 2016, Patrick (along with Alex and the Sprout core team) headed off to San Francisco’s tech hub to participate in an accelerator program. In Silicon Valley, experienced leaders provide mentoring advice on enterprise software and upcoming technologies, which Patrick is able to pass on to his roster of clientele.

“The workplace is dynamic and enterprises’ needs are constantly changing and growing. Certainly, there are a lot of other features that we can look at and build into our solutions to serve these. We hope that Sprout can help more Filipino companies be more productive and efficient in their work,” Gentry says.

Sprout Solutions also recognizes its role as a thought and technology leader, which is why it provides free services for smaller companies with headcounts of 40 and below. This is mainly a corporate social responsibility effort and a way to support small enterprises, but it also enables them to mentor these potential clients while still small.

Sprout’s success owes to its dedicated and innovative staff, who share Patrick’s vision. It helps, of course, that Patrick is an enthusiastic, passionate leader who provides direction and trusts his people to deliver accordingly. For Patrick, his job as a CEO is pretty straightforward –“get the right people in the room, give them the tools to succeed, and at that point, serendipity happens. My job is done.”

Sprout Solutions Team: Nix Eniego, Patrick Gentry, Tiffany Mallillin, Alyssa Dela Cruz.

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