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P2E Gaming Guild Yield Guild Games Partners with Nas Academy to Provide Web3 Education

P2E Gaming Guild Yield Guild Games Partners with Nas Academy to Provide Web3 Education

Yield Guild Games (YGG), a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming guild, announced its partnership with the creator-focused educational platform, Nas Academy, to launch a Web3 educational program called Web3 Metaversity. The guild will work with Nas Academy to create and provide lessons on Web3 topics to learn new skills and uncover income-earning opportunities in the Metaverse.

Web3 Metaversity’s program is led by YGG Pilipinas Country Manager Luis Buenaventura and will be hosted in Nas.io, the community learning portal of Nas Academy. To participate in the program, community members must own a YGG Guild Badge NFT, which will give them access to the following:

  • Web3 Metaversity’s Discord server

  • Video library where the videos on various Web3 topics are hosted

  • Different resources that will support their learning journey

Regular live Zoom sessions will also be available where the participants can interact with YGG’s core team as well as community managers and scholarship managers. Special guest speakers include YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon,YGG Pilipinas Minister of Information Celeste Rodriguez, and YGG Head of Esports Mike Ovecka, among others. 

“Building an educational community for the beginners in the crypto space has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I’m supremely excited to be able to help facilitate people’s first steps into this new world. Working closely with Nas Academy Philippines ensures that the courses are short, fun, and jam-packed with actionable information. We can’t wait to share it with our respective communities, as well as the crypto-curious mainstream audiences,” said Luis Buenaventura, YGG Pilipinas Country Manager. 

The partnership will enable YGG to combine its Web3 expertise with Nas Academy’s engaging storytelling and high-quality production to empower communities while giving them the best possible learning experience. Through Web3 Metaversity, YGG and Nas Academy will upskill and provide access to income-earning opportunities to members of the YGG community, so that they can pursue careers in Web3 through a range of different roles, such as community managers, content creators, cryptocurrency traders, NFT artists, or Web2 specialists in the Web3 space.

“We believe Web3 will change the world. It is the best opportunity for people to grow and own a piece of the internet, and together with YGG, we are so excited to provide all the education needed to turn somebody from zero to hero in the Web3 space,” said Nuseir Yassin, founder and CEO of Nas Academy.

Jacq Lim, country head of Nas Academy Philippines, added, “It’s a personal mission for me to give Filipinos access to the best education and community that will help them grab those life-changing career opportunities. That is why, at Nas Academy, we are proud to partner with YGG to make entering and growing in Web3 fun, exciting, and full of practical learning. We can’t wait to see more people thrive in the jobs of the future, and Web3 can make this promise a reality for many Filipinos.”

Web3 Metaversity will be accessible through the Nas.io Web3 Metaversity portal where YGG Guild Badge NFT holders are automatically qualified to access the program. The YGG Guild Badge NFT can be minted for free on the YGG website.

Nas Academy was founded by Arab-Israeli vlogger Nuseir Yassin, whose YouTube channel, Nas Daily, has 9.22 million subscribers. Nas Academy has partnered with different entities, including the Southeast Asian ride-hailing giant, Grab, in training 100 content creators. 

Sign-ups for Web3 Metaversity will open on the Nas.io site on August 23, while portal access will be made available on September 8. The virtual launch party for the program is on September 14. 

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