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OPPO’s new A83 in installments with 0% interest rate – thanks to Home Credit
OPPO’s new A83 in installments with 0% interest rate – thanks to Home Credit

OPPO’s new A83 in installments with 0% interest rate – thanks to Home Credit

OPPO welcomes 2018 with a surprise as they unveil its fourth member of the A.I. Beauty family and a low-budget, high-performing smartphone, the OPPO A83. Officially launched this January it is now available in OPPO stores nationwide it is priced for only Php9,990.

OPPO users will be amazed with just how much this Php9,990-priced smartphone can do – and with Home Credit’s 0% interest rate promo until April 30, 2018 you can get your hands on an A83 in 6-month installments!  No need for a credit card if you have none.  Simply approach a Home Credit sales associate from any participating store and submit your filled-out application form, together with your two (2) valid IDs.  It only takes 20 minutes of your time, then voila – an OPPO A83 in your hands!

OPPO A83 features a 5.7-inch HD+ full screen display.  It runs on a 3GB RAM and—like the famous F5 series—it has a powerful 2.5GHz octa-core processor which is perfect for multitaskers.  Imagine how well this combo can keep up with your performance!

With its A.I. Beauty technology – and A83, being one of the phones who live up to its Selfie Expert handle, stays true to its promise to deliver natural-looking selfies.  The 8MP front camera that can recognize more than 200 faces can perfectly capture personalized self-portraits without the hassle of adjusting camera settings.

More than just games and selfies, A83 also values your privacy and security.  The speedy Facial Unlock will keep your phone secured, and only your unique facial features can grant you access whenever you need it.  On top of all that, A83 can last up to 13.5 hours of normal usage, giving you an all-day dependable smartphone experience.

If you’re still curious of how the best value smartphone fits a low price, get your hands on an OPPO A83 for only Php9,990 in all OPPO stores.  Or try Home Credit’s 6-month installment until April 30 – at 0% interest rate!

You may visit www.homecredit.ph for more information on Home Credit’s promos for OPPO, store locations, and loans.


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