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OPPO Unveils the All-New OPPO Reno12 Series 5G with Breakthrough GenAI Features, Presented by Reno Experts BSS (SEVENTEEN)

OPPO Unveils the All-New OPPO Reno12 Series 5G with Breakthrough GenAI Features, Presented by Reno Experts BSS (SEVENTEEN)

Global leading smartphone brand OPPO is once again joining hands with BSS (SEVENTEEN) for the highly anticipated OPPO Reno12 Series 5G, following the successful launch of the portrait expert OPPO Reno11 F.

Previously, BSS, comprising members HOSHI, DK, and SEUNGKWAN from the renowned South Korean boy band SEVENTEEN, had captured unforgettable memories on the OPPO Reno11 F and utilized its key features such as Smart Image Matting, AI Portrait Retouching, and AI Eraser to express their truest selves not only on their social media, but also in their work. In fact, the OPPO Reno11 F most recently made numerous appearances in SEVENTEEN’s ‘Cheers to Youth (????)’ MV on YouTube.

This time around, the OPPO Reno Experts BSS (SEVENTEEN) will be showcasing the upcoming OPPO Reno12 Series 5G in a series of exclusive videos.

As BSS (SEVENTEEN) is one of the first to have a hands-on experience of the revolutionary smartphone series, fans will be able to look forward to them sharing their impressions of OPPO’s AI Phone. This will be followed by a series of videos which will feature them highlighting the mighty functions of the OPPO Reno12 Series 5G

The OPPO Reno12 Series 5G features a stunning new look with a Futuristic Fluid Design and a suite of breakthrough GenAI features[1] covering a range of everyday uses. With the newly updated AI Eraser 2.0, users can easily remove passing strangers in photos with a simple tap. For even more imaginative possibilities, AI Studio can create digital avatars or artistic portrait styles from just one single user photo.

To celebrate the release of the OPPO Reno12 Series 5G, which will launch on July 12, fans who purchase the OPPO Reno12 5G or OPPO Reno12 Pro 5G will have a chance to get their hands on a limited-edition BSS Souvenir box or BSS postcards. For more information on OPPO Reno12 Series 5G, visit OPPO Philippines’ official website at www.oppo.com.ph and Facebook page.

[1] OPPO AI features will vary due to regional laws and cloud-based capability of the user’s location. You need an internet connection to use AI-related features.


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