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NutriAsia empowers Filipino art and creativity during pandemic

NutriAsia empowers Filipino art and creativity during pandemic

As many Filipinos spend more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some creative artists have taken the opportunity to hone their skills and artistic expression—and leading Filipino food brand NutriAsia has been at the forefront of this rise in remarkable artistry with their products, campaigns, and support of resourceful local artists.

NutriAsia’s support for the arts during the pandemic started earlier this year with the viral banana catsup art of Nueva Ecija grade 12 student Vincent Paulo. Vincent proved that artists don’t need traditional mediums to create exquisite art by producing portraits of celebrities with UFC Banana Catsup, a staple of their family’s pantry.

“UFC Banana Catsup is always what is in our kitchen and I don’t like to stick to the conventional typical artworks that we see,” said Vincent. “I would recommend this because it is unique and easy to find in grocery stores.”

The trend continued with the soy sauce art of Cebu 19-year-old Thea Sophia Disabelle, who paints pictures with Silver Swan Soy Sauce—another pantry staple being used for creativity.

“Basically, it just can be found at your kitchen. No more hassle,” said Thea, when asked about why she chose Silver Swan Soy Sauce. “I would love to recommend this kind of medium to artists. They just need soy sauce and a lot of imagination.”

Due to their exceptional creativity and resourcefulness in making art out of everyday household condiments, NutriAsia sent Vincent and Thea more products for both their art and their dinner table.

It doesn’t stop there, though—NutriAsia also opened a challenge last July for their 100% Filipino juice brand Locally, asking netizens to submit artwork depicting the drink and their love for the Philippines. Many responded to the call, posting beautiful and even unconventional art on social media. The best entries received prizes and an opportunity to work with the brand on special projects.

These stories of empowerment go to show that not only is NutriAsia the people’s longtime trusted partner in the kitchen, but the brand also supports them in endeavors that make life even more flavorful. With NutriAsia products, Filipinos are always sure to have the #MasarapMasaya, as well as artistic and creative moments worth living for.

Grade 12 student Vincent Dwight Paulo and his catsup portraits using UFC Banana Catsup.

Cebu-based Thea Disabelle uses Silver Swan soy sauce to create one-of-a-kind paintings.

Grand winner of the #LivinLovinLocal Art Contest by Locally


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