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NU and 2GO collaborates for ApprenticeSHIP program

NU and 2GO collaborates for ApprenticeSHIP program

[From left to right]: Dr. Leonora Concepcion, NU Mall of Asia Executive Director; Sheryl Chua, 2GO Senior Sales Manager; Dr. Rosauro Manuel, NU Group Academic Officer & Chief Information Officer; Dr. Renato Carlos Ermita Jr., NU President & CEO; Sharon Ngo, 2GO Business Unit Head of Sea Solutions; Cecil Valle, 2GO Head of Commercial Sales; Rolando T. Averilla, NU Vice President for Corporate Affairs; and Dr. Medelene Forbes, NU Manila College of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

2GO, the Philippines’ largest integrated transportation and logistics solutions provider and a subsidiary of SM Investments Corporation, recently inked a pact with National University (NU) under its Sea Solutions Business Unit to provide maritime experiential on-the-job training for its tourism and hospitality students. This strategic alliance aims to equip students with the practical work experience essential for a successful transition into their professional careers upon graduation.

Over the three-year partnership, participating students will be onboard 2GO vessels, gaining exposure to local hospitality and tourism expertise during a 7-day voyage. In addition to assisting with the onboard hotel and food and beverage operations, students will receive standard lectures from training instructors guest relations, housekeeping, and F&B among others.

The onboard learning program will center on harnessing 2GO’s expertise in hospitality services, offering students an immersive 5 to 7-day cruise-like work experiences onboard. Participants will gain firsthand experience in the vessel’s hotel management, particularly valuable for those aspiring to enter the cruise operator field. This initiative serves as a pivotal bridge for National University’s graduating class, seamlessly connecting theoretical knowledge with practical insights into the dynamic service industry.

The internship program will run from January 2024 to 2027, offering participating students’ mentorship, guidance, and industry insights. Both 2GO Group Inc. and National University anticipate a positive impact on students’ lives and future careers through this partnership.

Elevated on-the-job experience

2GO has been a key player in the country’s maritime training field, offering on-the-job training opportunities to students from diverse colleges and universities nationwide. The company actively accepts and mentor students studying hotel and restaurant management, cruise ship management, and tourism courses, providing them with a hands-on environment to apply and enhance their theoretical knowledge.

2GO offers internship programs tailored for technical marine majors specializing in marine transportation and marine engineering. These programs enable aspiring professionals in the maritime sector to immerse themselves in elevated on-the-job training experiences, fostering the practical skills and industry insights necessary for a successful career in the maritime field.

2GO also offers school tours specifically designed to cover essential information. These quick 1-hour day tours focus on providing a foundational understanding of facilities, accommodation, navigation, ship classification, safety, and security measures, as well as the day-to-day routines aboard the vessel.

The 2GO apprenticeship programs have the capacity to accommodate anywhere from 30 to 300 students per vessel, with the cutoff based on their areas of study.

To learn more about 2GO’s internship program, visit https://travel.2go.com.ph/apprenticeship.aspx.


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