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Moms are keeping it real on life, passion, and motherhood on Twitter

Moms are keeping it real on life, passion, and motherhood on Twitter

Filipino moms play different yet special roles in and out of the family. Aside from being the resident cook, doctor, or best friend at home, most moms also became teachers when the lockdown period began. With so many responsibilities at hand, it’s amazing how moms can do it all. On Twitter, Filipino moms can also be seen actively talking about topics such as parenting, news, and even their personal interests. In addition, more moms are also jumping in and joining Twitter. In 2020, there are over 8M+ Twitters users[1] in the Philippines who are moms, which is a 36% increase[2] in the past 2 years.

From finding information to me-time moments, here are four things that the new generation of Filipino moms do on Twitter:

  1. Moms constantly learn on Twitter

Moms have plenty of tasks to do, so it’s really convenient on how they can find information on all things #WhatsHappening just by going to Twitter. Moms on Twitter are mostly full-time working moms (58.4%), but despite their tight schedule, 69% of moms on Twitter manage to use Twitter daily for learning and self-improvement.

Twitter is where moms stay connected with what’s happening around her. In particular, they go to Twitter to find new and useful information, research on how to do things, and be updated with news and events from credible sources.

  1. Supportive (online) amigas

Moms are usually the source of comfort in the family, but it’s important that this pillar has her own support system as well. This is the same reason why Filipino moms go to Twitter; it is where they find a community that offers support and company from fellow moms.

58% of moms on Twitter are millennials, some of which are first-time moms. They still have plenty of things to learn about motherhood, and they actively seek for insights on Twitter. Aside from advice, moms also go to Twitter to express comforting words or give inspiration which fellow moms can follow suit.

  1. Twitter is where moms keep it real

Motherhood has its ups and downs, which they bravely share on Twitter. Moms come to Twitter for real and unfiltered conversations. They are not afraid to speak their mind about the joys and harsh truths of parenting such as the struggles of working moms and pregnancy among others.

Twitter is where moms also live freely. Amidst all the roles they play, moms power through the challenges by having a positive attitude (90%) and being open-minded to new perspectives (83%). Part of keeping it real is also making time for their own personal interests and passions such as Film & TV, Health & Wellness, and Music.

  1. Discover smarter ways to shop

Being a mom alone is hard, but the pandemic made the job harder. On Twitter, moms echo this reality by sharing the adjustments they had to make such as being more careful in spending their money.

66% of moms on Twitter are the main food shoppers at home, so apart from the best deals and brands they patronize, moms also rely on the help of fellow moms in making smarter shopping decisions. 79% of moms on Twitter research on a product before buying it and apart from the proactive research, moms are also active in sharing their own reviews to help other moms out there.

Real moms gravitate towards real brands

Brands usually interact with moms directly in the grocery shelves, but with the ongoing lockdown, moms and their families can only be safely interacted online. Connecting to active mom audiences on Twitter might not be enough; brands must also create a space for moms on Twitter to help them embrace, nurture, and celebrate their real and unfiltered lives. 

Here’s how brands can deepen their relationship with moms on Twitter 

  1. Educate her
  • Give valuable information and produce content that will be useful for moms. Keep her updated about your latest offerings.
  • Teach new skills and tips that will make her life easier.
  • Help moms decide by Tweeting about the unique features of your product or service.
  1. Support her
  • Engage with moms and feel part of the conversation.
  • Connect her with other moms through branded hashtags or Twitter chats.
  • Be there. Post relevant topics, respond to inquiries and comments; and offer direct, immediate support.
  1. Celebrate her
  • Share stories and give her a place to make her feel heard or seen.
  • Make her laugh and Tweet something that’s lighthearted and relatable.
  • Appreciate her, especially during moments that matter most for moms.

Every day is a reason to celebrate moms, which gives an opportunity for brands to create campaigns that listens, reflects, and offers a helping hand for moms who are keeping it real on Twitter.

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About The Author

Raymund Ravanera is an accomplished and experienced graphic designer with almost 20 years of creative expertise working in the graphic design industry. He loves the latest gadgets, food and movies. Currently, he owns and manages megabites.com.ph, an online technology and lifestyle blog since 2015.

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