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MetroSunnies Anti-Blue Light and Anti-Radiation Glasses offers 88% off at the 8.8 Shopee Sale

MetroSunnies Anti-Blue Light and Anti-Radiation Glasses offers 88% off at the 8.8 Shopee Sale

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting us globally, everybody’s now shifting from working at home. Regularly all of us will be spending a number of hours using our laptops and mobile devices daily, but few are not mindful of the potential side effects of the hours we devote ourselves staring at our screens.

You may experience some symptoms such as dry eyes, headaches, or eye strain with too much exposure to the harsh blue and white light that our device’s display emits. Then you’ll found yourself rubbing your eyes after too much of the screen time, now might be a good idea to spend in some pair of new computer eye glasses.

Some are expensive but the good news is you don’t have to waste a lot of money to get a decent pair of computer eye glasses. MetroSunnies offer a nice selection of computer eye glasses you can score online right now, they are affordable and stylish as well. 

MetroSunnies eye glasses features the Con-Strain PRO Photochromic lens, it automatically adopts to your environment as it will darken when exposed under the sun giving you UV400 protection and will turn back to its clear or primrose color when you go back inside.

It is engineered to fight blue light and crafted for eye protection thus reducing stress when using electronic gadgets for extended period of time. It also helps prevent myopia.

Here’s two MetroSunnies eye glass models you can choose from available at Shopee. You can even score up to 88% off during the 8.8 Shopee Sale. Every purchase of MetroSunnies eye glasses comes with a designer pouch and microfiber lens cleaner.

Check out more MetroSunnies products and accessories at its official Shopee store here: METRO SUNNIES

To find out more about the company and its other products, visit the official website: https://www.metrosunnies.com/photochromic

Download the Shopee app for FREE available at the App Store and Google Play Store to check out more exciting deals and offer from the leading online shopping platform.

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