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MediaTek to Unveil Products for Chromebooks, Smart TVs and Displays at COMPUTEX 2024, Highlighting Demonstrations in AI Processing

MediaTek to Unveil Products for Chromebooks, Smart TVs and Displays at COMPUTEX 2024, Highlighting Demonstrations in AI Processing

At COMPUTEX 2024, MediaTek will showcase new products and technology demonstrations, featuring highlights in AI, Smart TVs, Chromebooks, IoT and more, in addition to a keynote by Vice Chairman and CEO Dr. Rick Tsai about how MediaTek can enable ubiquitous AI.

At this year’s show, MediaTek will debut two new chipsets with powerful performance and support for the latest AI enhancements across multiple verticals: the Kompanio 838 SoC for premium Chromebooks, and the Pentonic 800 SoC for 4K premium smart TVs and displays.

Additionally, MediaTek Vice Chairman and CEO Dr. Rick Tsai will be giving a keynote at COMPUTEX 2024 to explore how AI will continue to transform mobility, transportation, the smart home, enterprises, and industrial environments. Dr. Tsai will deliver his keynote speech on Tuesday, June 4 at 13:30 Taiwan time at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2 in Taipei, Taiwan.

MediaTek Kompanio 838: Amplifying productive working, learning and creativity

The octa-core Kompanio 838 packs outstanding performance and multitasking capabilities into a highly efficient SoC that enables all-day battery life for thin and light Chromebooks. This new chipset supports DDR4 and LPDDR4X to meet a wider range of OEM requirements, and doubles memory bandwidth compared to previous generations to provide considerably more data throughput.

To support the latest AI enhancements, Kompanio 838 enables a dedicated AI processor, the MediaTek NPU 650, to offer more interactive and higher quality multimedia with unparalleled power efficiency. MediaTek APUs are designed for efficient image data processing, capable of quickly executing complex computations.

The built-in next-generation MediaTek Imagiq 7 series ISP upgrades professional quality HDR imaging, dual camera support, and low-light capture, improving photo and video quality even in challenging lighting conditions.

With hardware accelerated AV1 video decoding, the Kompanio 838 lets users seamlessly stream 4K content, while also enhancing picture quality. It supports up to two 4K displays simultaneously to give users more display real estate. The Kompanio 838 also supports MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technology to offer dual-band and tri-band connectivity options to Chromebooks with speeds up to 1.9Gbps, while also offering more reliable connectivity thanks to the 2×2 antenna and enhanced security with WPA3 support.

MediaTek Pentonic 800: Powerful AI Engine with Industry-leading Image Enhancement

The MediaTek Pentonic 800 delivers best-in-class video, audio, and cloud gaming experiences. The SoC is ideal for a variety of 4K displays, including smart TVs, smart monitors, commercial displays, and embedded large displays. Compared to the previous generation chip, MediaTek’s AI processor offers 50% faster AI processing performance and reduces up to 60% bandwidth usage. The powerful APU supports a variety of MediaTek AI-powered display technologies, including AI-Super Resolution 3.0, AI-Contrast 2.0, AI-Picture Quality Scene Recognition 2.0+, and AI-Picture Quality Object Recognition 2.5+. These technologies significantly improve upscaling, enhance picture quality, and eliminate noise, among many other enhancements for streaming and gaming. To further optimize gaming, Pentonic 800 supports variable refresh rate (VRR) up to 4K2K 165Hz.

Also, the Pentonic 800’s hardware video decoding engine supports popular key codecs such as HEVC, AV1, AVS3 High Profile, and VVC (H.266) for high quality 4K video playback. The chip also supports MEMC, TCON, and high-resolution audio. OEMs have the flexibility to add MediaTek’s Filogic Wi-Fi connectivity solutions to provide reliable high-speed connectivity with low latency. Additionally, MediaTek’s Filogic Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo solutions provide seamless connectivity between screens and peripherals, such as game controllers and wireless headsets.

During Computex, MediaTek will be exhibiting at a private booth, demonstrating how the company is bringing intelligence everywhere from Chromebooks to IoT devices, smartphones, smart TVs, routers, tablets, vehicles, and beyond.

To learn more about MediaTek’s Kompanio portfolio, please visit: https://www.mediatek.com/products/chromebook-tablets/chromebook.

To learn more about MediaTek’s Pentonic portfolio, please visit: https://www.mediatek.com/products/smart-home/digital-tv.


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