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McDonald’s launches Single 11 deals on the McDonald’s App and their Single VIP Area in select McDonald’s branches

McDonald’s launches Single 11 deals on the McDonald’s App and their Single VIP Area in select McDonald’s branches

Singles Day may have already passed, but the celebration of Singles continues at McDonald’s! We headed to McDonald’s to visit their Single VIP Area where we got a one of a kind solo dining experience! Keep on reading to see what perks are in stores for singles at the McDonald’s Single VIP Areas, exclusively accessible through the McDonald’s App! 

Tables for one

Your SVIP solo date will start at the special entrance leading to the dining area where tables are dressed up and set up exclusively for one. With these exclusive SVIP section tables, solo customers don’t have to worry about having to share a table with strangers, or even the pressure of rushing their meals to make way for new arriving customers looking for a table.

But just in case you’re ready for company, just flip the tabletop tent card to let your fellow singles they’re welcome to share a seat, or even a Single 11 deal!

Take a snap at the self-shoot photo booth

Make the whole solo dining experience more memorable, the Single VIP Area includes a self-shoot photo booth where customers can have a solo photoshoot. Bring on all your wacky poses, no need to be shy when you’re on your own solo photoshoot! Take home print-outs and digital copies of your Single VIP photos, memorabilia from this solo date to remember!

Let those feelings out through the Singles Freedom Wall

Let those feelings out! Scribble down your most random thoughts, corniest jokes, cheesiest pickup line,  or send a message or an advice to your fellow singles! No matter what it is, you can share them through the Singles Freedom Wall.

Put solo dining in a new light

Single and dining alone? No problem! Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed about dining by yourself. Get that special treatment you deserve at the McDonald’s Single VIP Area. Turn dining alone at McDonald’s into an exciting experience you’ll keep looking forward to as McDonald’s put solo dining in a new light!

To celebrate your independence and experience this one of a kind solo dining at McDonald’s, just claim the Single 11 Deal from the McDonald’s app and visit the Single VIP Section in McDonald’s Pasig Caruncho, McDonald’s P. Campa, and McDonald’s Uptown Bonifacio on November 18-22, 2022.

For more information, follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all McDo announcements.

Download the McDonald’s App now through Google Play and the App Store:

Google Play Store – bit.ly/mcdoph-app-android

App Store – bit.ly/mcdoph-app-ios


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