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McDonald’s Happy Meal Readers is back to inspire kids to dream big with the “I Can” book series

McDonald’s Happy Meal Readers is back to inspire kids to dream big with the “I Can” book series

As kids grow older, they start finding more ways to channel their passions. But that doesn’t mean they have to outgrow the things they love, like the McDonald’s Happy Meal. This March, McDonald’s brings back the Happy Meal Readers Program that allows parents and kids to choose between a toy or a book for every Happy Meal purchase.

The Happy Meal Readers Program showcases the I Can book series which aims to inspire little ones to hone their passion. The  book series is based on real-life stories of inspirational figures—individuals who achieved incredible things, broke down barriers, and beat all the odds that shall lead kids to think, “If they did it, then I can too.”

There are 10 books in the series that parents and kids should watch out for. The first three books in the series, namely “I Can Be a Curious Scientist”, “I Can Be a Sports Champion”, and “I Can Be a Brave Adventurer” feature stories of icons such as Marie Curie, Muhammad Ali, and Amelia Earheart that can definitely ignite kids’ passion in the field of science, sports and travel. 

Excited to go on another journey of self-discovery while spending a meaningful time with your kids? Help them discover their passion and live what they read through the Happy Meal Readers books available with every Happy Meal purchase starting March 10, 2023. For more information on the upcoming releases, follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.


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