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Mayora Frances Cabatuando’s Home Buddies Celebrates Year Three With A Bazaar

Mayora Frances Cabatuando’s Home Buddies Celebrates Year Three With A Bazaar

If you’ve picked up interest in home decor during the pandemic or have embraced the Team Puti and Team Kahoy home aesthetic, then you’ve probably heard of Home Buddies. Founded only in 2020 by Frances Lim Cabatuando, the community remains the biggest in the Philippines and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region (except India) with a staggering 3.2 million members.

Frances, or “Mayora” to the members, first established the community to provide a source of inspiration for fellow Filipinos adjusting to staying home all day. Soon, Home Buddies became the haven for home enthusiasts on the lookout for the next budol or purchase, the latest home hack, the answer to their home-related problem, and so much more. The most engaged community continues to thrive—its latest trending post has over 50 thousand likes—as it hits its three-year milestone.

For the past years, Home Buddies has consistently marked its birthday with online fanfare. Led by Mayora Frances, they hosted virtual events that involved games, budol, giveaways, prizes, and performances. They welcomed big celebrity guests such as Moira Dela Torre, Barbie Almabis, and Team Kramer, and offered exclusive discounts from hundreds of brands.

This 2023, the community celebrates its third anniversary through the Home Buddies Bazaar. It’ll be the first time Home Buddies brings the annual festivity outside of its online home.

On her motivation to push for such a huge event, Mayora Frances excitedly shares, “The main goal is to bring the community together in person (finally!!! after 3 years!!) for a grand celebration! And we thought a budol party is a fun way to do it! But it’s not just going to be a bazaar, there will be a program. Expect games, raffle, performances. And to not lose our

commitment to helping kapitbahays improve their homes, we’ll also have a free home consultation fair c/o our licensed architects from United Architects of the Philippines.”

Home Buddies Bazaar opens on October 1, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay Activity Center.

Mayora Frances is an exclusive talent of NYMA, a talent agency focused on nurturing trailblazers to break through all media spaces. NYMA’s vision is to be the home of Filipino talents in the country and bring Filipino entertainment to the world. To learn more about NYMA, visit nyma.ph.


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