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Maxxis Unveils Four New Tires Delivers Safety, Economy and Comfort to Filipino Drivers
Maxxis Unveils Four New Tires Delivers Safety, Economy and Comfort to Filipino Drivers

Maxxis Unveils Four New Tires Delivers Safety, Economy and Comfort to Filipino Drivers

Maxxis unveiled four new products for the Filipino driver the Premitra HPS, Mecotra ME3, Bravo HPM3, and the RAZR MT772 equipped with new tire technology and pattern design. The launch was attended by Maxxis representatives, dealers, car clubs and media which was held at the Grand Ballroom of Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig City.

Maxxis, a global brand based in Taiwan, founded in 1967 has been delivering high-quality tires to customers in over 170 countries. The company is one of the few manufacturers that have consistently passed the stringent European (ECE/E4), North American (DOT), Japanese (JATMA) and Chinese (CCC) standards. To ensure that every tire performs to worldwide standards, all Maxxis tires are tested not only in its own quality assurance facilities, but also at world-leading tire test centers.

Here are the Maxxis tires introduced with its pattern design features:

(From L-R) Mr. Tan Yang Nam (Maxxis Malaysia), Mr. Lenny Lee (VP- International Sales & Marketing Maxxis International Taiwan), Ronald Ang- (COO & VP of Maxxis Philippines) Ms. Sydney Tan (Maxxis Malaysia), Jeffrey Ang- CEO & President (Maxxis Philippines) Ivan Lee- Sales Manager for Asia (Maxxis International Taiwan) Mr. Peter Aw (Maxxis Malaysia).

PREMITRA HP5 (Excellent Dry and Wet Grip Tires)

Pattern Design

  • Center Rib Pattern – Improves stability on high-speed and handling performance.
  • Continuous Outside Blocks – Improve lateral traction and steering performance
  • Curved Shoulder Grooves – Reduces vibration and road noise produced by air and tread.
  • Four Longitudinal Main Grooves – Enhance the water displacement and anti-skid capability.
  • Siped Tread Rib – helps break the water film on wet surfaces to prevent aquaplaning.

Target Vehicles

  • Sedan and Sport Vehicles

MECOTRA ME3 (Eco-Friendly Tires)

Pattern Design

  • Multi-bulged Sipes – Improving Water Dispersion
  • Sipe Bridge – Enhanceing block stiffness for ride stability, grip, handling and increased mileage.
  • Arch Groove – For effective water displacement to increase wet performance and grip.
  • Lateral Groove Bridge – Elevating handling stability.

Target Vehicles

  • Sub-compact vehicles like Hyundai i-10, Toyota Wigo, Mitsubishi Mirage, Kia Picanto, Ford Fiesta, Honda City, Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent or Mazda 2

BRAVO HP-M3 (All-season Premium Touring Tires)

Pattern Design

  • Circumferential Grove on the central tread block – Improves high-speed stability, reduce abnormal tread wear.
  • Four Wide “U” Shaped Groove Design – Improves water drainage and straight line high-speed performance.
  • Streamlined Horizontal Grooves – Comfortable and silent drive plus enhances wet operations performance.
  • Multi-pitch Tread Block – Minimizes pattern noise for quiet ride.

Target Vehicles

  • Crossover and SUV Vehicles

RAZR MT-772 (Hybrid 4X4 Mud Terrain Tires)

Pattern Design

  • Two step block design – To increase traction performance on sand, loose oil and mud terrain.
  • Razor Shape Shoulder Tread – Prevents stone and mud on shoulder groove.
  • Stair Shape Design – On shoulder to increase traction performance
  • Patented Block – Protection against cuts and splits.
  • Armor Saw-tooth and 3D level Sidewall Design – With staggered surfaces for maximum sidewall traction.

Target Vehicles

  • Full size pick-up truck, SUV or customized off-road vehicles

“As a trusted global brand, Maxxis is always seeking new ways to offer better driving experience on and off the road by utilizing advanced tire technologies that offer improved control, stability and safety. And since every tire is a product of intensive research, you’re assured of over-all performance for years, making it a wise and economical choice for all drivers. Today, we are proud to bring in 4 new tires that aim to be game-changers, especially in the Philippine Market,” shares Jaybee Atanacio, Product Manager. “

For more information, visit http://www.maxxis.com.ph/



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