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Master SSDs with Plextor’s User-friendly software: Plextool NVMe Edition

Master SSDs with Plextor’s User-friendly software: Plextool NVMe Edition

PLEXTOR introduces its latest generation of the SSD toolbox, the Plextool NVMe Edition, which is designed for Plextor NVMe SSDs. The new toolbox provides users with access to the drive status and boasts such functions as the display of model and capacity information, health and temperature monitoring, delivery of S.M.A.R.T. instructions and secure erasing. With its simple design, small size, user-friendly interface and other features, the Plextool NVMe Edition will be the perfect partner for Plextor SSDs.

Simple Design. Plextool NVMe Edition packages stability and reliability in a simple and elegant blue-and-white design. The toolbox uses images and labels to show detailed information on drive capacity and employs colored indicators of health and temperature for a straightforward representation of drive health.

Small Size. The Plextool NVMe Edition features an easy and intuitive installation process and a small 12.3MB file size, which enables quick download and installation.

User-Friendly Interface. The Plextool NVMe Edition comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. After the software is executed, users only need to select and confirm a SSD.

Officially Certified Safety. Plextool NVMe Edition is an official toolbox developed by Plextor. It has passed quality and reliability tests and is most compatible with Plextor NVMe SSDs. The toolbox is free and available to all users, freeing them from the unknown risks of three-party software downloads. As a safe, official product directly from Plextor, the toolbox allows users to master the Plextor NVMe SSD with safety and ease.

Support model list: Plextor SSD M8Pe series,  Plextor SSD M8Se series and Plextor SSD M9Pe series


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