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Mapúa’s fully online programs provide learning continuity for time-challenged learners

Mapúa’s fully online programs provide learning continuity for time-challenged learners

Mapúa University is ensuring learning continuity for those with strong albeit hampered educational aspirations through its fully online programs.

The Yuchengco-led university is giving learners a chance to attain their diplomas and complete their education through its fully online bachelor’s degree programs in engineering and information technology (IT), which can be taken anytime, anywhere.

This allows “completers,” a segment of the population or those who would like to continue their studies and attain a diploma but could not due to various personal challenges and time constraints, to attain their college degrees. With their time taken up mostly by family affairs, business operations, or part-time jobs, the flexibility offered by Mapúa’s fully online programs makes learning not interfere with day-to-day priorities. 

The fully online programs feature teaching and learning activities that are asynchronous, which do not require real-time interaction between students and instructors. Students can access content and coursework at a time that best suits their schedule, thus promoting self-paced learning. 

Mapúa’s strong digital capabilities facilitate learning in fully online programs with powerful educational technology tools and vast and up-to-date online learning resources through its very own learning management system, Cardinal EDGE.

Despite the remote learning setup, fully online learners are provided with support services through the University’s life coaches. The life coaches act as advisers to students throughout their academic journey, assisting them closely with academic advising and enrollment, career advising and placement opportunities, and social skills coaching, among others. 

Mapúa University currently offers six Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-approved fully online undergraduate programs in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology, expanding the reach of its world-recognized education.

Mapúa University’s fully online programs were developed to make learning experience enriching with the necessary skills to empower learners in the future as well as to enable more learners to accomplish their learning journey conveniently.

To learn more about Mapúa’s fully online bachelor’s degree programs, visit https://www.mapua.edu.ph/DigitalAcademics/UndergraduatePrograms.aspx. Applications are ongoing for Academic Year 2021-2022. To apply online, go to https://www.mapua.edu.ph/ApplyNow2.aspx.


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