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MAGGI cites top 5 reasons to make eggsciting meals for Filipino families
MAGGI cites top 5 reasons to make eggsciting meals for Filipino families

MAGGI cites top 5 reasons to make eggsciting meals for Filipino families

Moms constantly strive to make their families tasty meals that give the nutrients they need to power their day. Along with finding the right ingredients, the time, skills and budget needed to prepare great meals are the common challenges they face on a daily basis. Through its Sarap-Sustansya advocacy, MAGGI, is encouraging homecooks to have greater appreciation for eggs as a key ingredient in meals that families can enjoy at any given time. Since eggs contain a lot nutrients that are beneficial to health, MAGGI is making it easier for moms to create more egg-based dishes with products and recipe tips that give eggs-tra flavor to this Filipino household staple.

“As the trusted ally of Filipino homecooks, MAGGI helps to bring out the great taste of healthy food. Ka-partner kami ni mommy para ang simpleng itlog, nagiging magical,” said Rosalyn Simba, Business Executive Officer – Food and Dairy Culinary Business Unit at MAGGI Philippines. “We want to make the nutrient-rich egg more enjoyable for the family so that it becomes easier for moms to give their families that perfect balance of sarap and sustansya in every meal.”

With over 200 egg recipe ideas in its website and YouTube channel, MAGGI hopes to inspire moms to love eggs even more, and eggs-plore new ways of cooking this wholesome produce.

Here are five great reasons why MAGGI is inspiring homecooks to make eggs a mainstay in their menu.

  1. It’s a mini-powerhouse of goodness. The humble egg is the most underrated superfood. Eggs are actually loaded with proteins, fats, and 13 essential vitamins and minerals, including choline. Eggs have great potential to support Filipino moms’ goals of giving their families adequate nutrition, particularly because eggs can supply almost every nutrient needed as part of a healthy diet.
  2. Its versatility is hard to beat. Eggs are rarely considered as a main dish for lunch or dinner as it is typically consumed as breakfast fare. But in fact, eggs can be prepared in many different ways and cuisines that can suit every type of occasion. MAGGI’s creative egg recipes go beyond the usual egg preparations, and provide surprising new twists to familiar dishes, such as egg caldereta, egg spaghetti, egg burrito and so much more.
  3. Eggs-pect to find it everywhere. Availability of ingredients is a big factor in moms’ menu planning. With eggs, homecooks will have no trouble buying it in markets, groceries and even sari-sari
  4. Sulit sa sarap-sustansya. Eggs can offer so much value at such a small cost. With its variety of recipe ideas and products to aid in cooking, MAGGI helps moms make eggs-citing family meals that stretch modest budgets without compromising taste and nutrition.
  5. Cooks in a snap. Majority of eggs dishes are easy to learn and quick to cook, making it an attractive meal option for new homecooks. On the MAGGI website, majority of egg recipes fall under easy to intermediate skill levels and cooking times of less than 30 minutes.

MAGGI believes that eggs are an easy and economical solution to giving families a nutrient-rich meal that is big on taste.

“MAGGI works with homecooks to make sure that healthy food isn’t bland, expensive or difficult to make,” Simba explained. “Nasa kamay natin ang sarap ng buhay, and so we encourage moms and all homecooks to get creative in cooking eggs at home by making every meal eggs-tra special for their loved ones any time, any day.”

Visit MAGGI.PH for more Simply Good recipes and join the MAGGI Sarap-Sustansya Kusinaskwela Facebook group to exchange menu ideas with other moms and homecooks.


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