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M Lhuillier Continues to Support Brigada Eskwela Programs and Activities in the New Normal

M Lhuillier Continues to Support Brigada Eskwela Programs and Activities in the New Normal

As the Philippines struggles to cope with the pandemic, M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. is committed to its mission of assisting every Filipino in need. It undertook multiple outreach efforts in different regions to give assistance to schools through its initiatives, which included school facility restoration, school supply distribution, and a variety of other programs and activities.

One of which is the outreach program “Bond Paper Mo, Modyul ko” that was hosted at Gen. Maximino Elementary School, which was also this year’s primary recipient of M Lhuillier, where reams of bond paper for the school to print student modules for daily modular learning activities, alcohol, and sanitizers for COVID-19 protection were donated. The distribution of hygiene kits and basic school materials also reached different elementary schools in North Cotabato and Palawan. As it continues to provide for the needs of the institutions, M Lhuillier goes beyond sharing school materials. Multiple facilities were also donated, like hand washing stations and comfort rooms, to improve hygiene behavior among students. Significant projects were also successfully conducted at Mauswagon La Libertad Daycare Center, where a perimeter fence has been provided, as well as the water supply system that was turned over to Buenavista Primary School.

Since the new normal class began, computers and printers have been essential equipment to facilitate modular learning. Moreover, computer laboratories have been used in teaching and learning where students could complete assignments or learn new applications using lab computers and software. Aiming to help develop and implement these ideas, M Lhuillier has pledged its support. In Bacolod, Lanao del Norte, an elementary school, broke ground for a computer lab. A complete set of PCs and printers were also distributed to Navitas Elementary School. 

Another achievement to consider was achieved at Graciano Lopez Jaena Elementary School. Through the outreach program, “Kaligtasan Mo, Sagot ni M,” M Lhuillier donated fog machines and fog machine solutions, and other disinfection supplies like alcohol and sanitizers to ensure the safety of the students and the school’s faculty and staff in this on-going battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community involvement is an essential part of making schools a great place for kids to learn the values and skills needed to build a nation. Seeing the smiles from the teachers and students and witnessing their joy as they received all the benefits, M Lhuillier strives to make more efforts in the future.

M Lhuillier is the Philippines’ largest and most respected non-bank financial institution. It continues to uphold its promise of being the Bridge and Tulay ng PaMLyang Pilipino with more than 3,000 locations nationwide. It continuously seeks better and innovative ways to serve its community by providing fast, easy, and reliable financial services such as Kwarta Padala, Quick Cash Loan, Bills Payment, Insurance Plan, Money Exchange, Jewelry, ML Wallet, ML Express, ML Moves, and Telco and online TV Loading.

Follow M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. on Facebook, or visit mlhuillier.com for more information. For inquiries, contact Customer Care through its toll-free number 1-800-1-0572-3252 or email [email protected].


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