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LG provides solutions that help cities keep cool without heating up the planet
LG provides solutions that help cities keep cool without heating up the planet

LG provides solutions that help cities keep cool without heating up the planet

Global warming is taking its toll on the Philippines. According to a 2013 World Bank report, our country is one of the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change-related weather events. The Philippines sits in a region with particularly harsh weather patterns and rapidly rising sea levels. While climate change doesn’t cause individual storms, research has suggested that it could make storms stronger and more frequent—as we have witnessed in the last few years.

Now, more than ever, there’s a need to employ sustainable green growth strategies to avoid the harrowing effects that arise from the impacts of climate change. Until recently, sustainable development was simply a desire and an obligation so as to leave a healthy planet to future generations; today it is the only conceivable option.

Many commercial trades and big businesses in the Philippines are trying to reconcile protecting the environment with an industrialised society. Widespread consciousness about the effects of climate change has encouraged savvy, forward-thinking businessmen and building owners to leverage investment in efficient, eco-friendly solutions that combat global warming and minimize carbon footprints. Pricey costs and installation requirements may pose a consistent challenge; fortunately manufacturing breakthroughs have made high-performance, energy-efficient technologies more affordable and accessible.

LG Electronics was one of the first companies to invest in a multitude of solutions that support green building initiatives and energy management. The market is primed for air conditioning solutions that advance energy savings and reduce consumption, but utilize the latest technology as well. In response, LG is providing greener refrigerants, inverter-based designs and revolutionary innovations that optimize electrical efficiency to match with system performance.

At the heart of LG’s commercial air conditioning products is the cutting-edge Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology, which minimizes efficiency losses over time, resulting in long-term cost and energy savings for the building owner. LG’s VRF systems also are designed to eliminate the added expense of duct work, resulting in a more efficient building infrastructure and, in turn, a more attractive aesthetic. VRF solutions have become increasingly sought after in a variety of settings, such as offices, condo developments, hotels, hospitals and schools.

LG’s newest VRF solution is the LG MULTI V 5, a solution that pushes boundaries with streamlined functionality, optimal energy efficiency and maximized user comfort. More compact and lightweight than other available HVAC models, this unit offers lower operational costs, minimal or no duct work to install, and superior efficiency while still maintaining architectural integrity. It is equipped with the Dual Sensing Control system that monitors temperature and humidity levels, and efficiently manages cooling and heating. This innovative system works alongside the Ultimate Inverter Compressor, which offers unrivaled efficiency and durability, and enhances the MULTI V 5’s ability to quickly reach the desired temperature in a space.

The long-term vision of how and where these energy-efficient technologies are applicable constantly evolves as manufacturers like LG continue to redefine what is possible. By constantly exploring new material applications and innovative approaches,  LG commercial air conditioning solutions is capable of bringing significant energy savings, consequently reducing environmental impact, and changing the way we perceive climate control.


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