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LG harness technology and innovation for meaningful experiences

LG harness technology and innovation for meaningful experiences

Creativity is truly one of mankind’s greatest gifts, as it has allowed us to imagine a better world and find ways to turn ideas into reality. In order to achieve game-changing results, however, this quality has to be wielded with an innovative spirit to truly drive the world into a bright future. Creativity helps the mind hatch daring new ideas, but it is innovation that brings about exciting change.

It is this combination of imagination and innovation that drives LG Electronics, a global tech leader, to develop products that provide out-of-the-box solutions to everyday problems. By fusing insightful consumer research with aesthetically pleasing design, LG is able to create iconic products that help shape millions of homes and lives for the better.

Breathtaking form, amazing function

For the longest time, appliances have been confined to the “generally unattractive” category of objects. They are often created out of the limiting belief that home appliances should only be appreciated through the function they serve and not through their aesthetic appeal.

Take the refrigerator: this is an appliance that remained virtually unchanged in form over the decades since its invention. LG Electronics took into consideration the actual concerns of real users—like food waste and the desire to prolong the life of fresh produce—in designing a new refrigerator that can seamlessly blend aesthetically pleasing form with practical function. The result is the LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, a Red Dot Design Award-winning innovation that delivers solutions right where they are needed.

One of the key features of the LG InstaView refrigerator is a built-in tinted glass panel that allows users to see inside without opening the door and letting cold air out. Constant opening of refrigerator doors not only wastes valuable electricity, but also destabilizes interior temperature that can affect the quality and life span of stored food.

With this groundbreaking refrigerator design, LG ensures consumers not only of food quality and safety, but also peace of mind coming from the knowledge that food waste can be minimized, the family can enjoy fresh produce for longer and that the home can be more energy efficient.

Beyond multiple functions

Imagining different uses for a single object is a task that requires creativity, but it is the desire for true innovation that can streamline functions to deliver a great product.

LG designed the LG Loudr speaker range to deliver incredible sound quality and an overall unforgettable experience best shared with others. These speakers can easily fill a whole room with crystal-clear audio and also allow users to creatively express themselves through music.

Anyone can be the life of a party through the Effects Creator for limitless sound possibilities. Users can record effects on their smartphones, sync them to the speakers via Bluetooth and churn out fresh new beats. Users can also co-create playlists instantly without interrupting the music blasted from the speakers through the Shared Jukebox feature. And for a multi-sensory experience, the Party Lighting feature produces unique light shows perfectly synced to the beat in an array of patterns.

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